Friday, December 26, 2014

bored. (procrastination actually)


WHY AM I HERE AGAIN? Hahah! To procrastinate of course... finals starts this Monday (29th) until 14th with tons of gaps. Five papers to sit. Hah. Wish me luck. I didn't study much. I wish I did and will do. Omg. It's just so hard. Yes, all the sins I did is making the knowledge hard to be absorbed like what am I even saying right now. Currently listening to Taylor Swift's 1989. It's a really, really good album. I like it maybe mostly because of the lyrics that I can relate to as well as her voice and simply the music. Woohoo.

I am in love with her songs. I'm supposed to be studying Ethnic Relation. Lol. So much to read but I just @_@ because it's in Malay. I mean, yes, I do understand them but the sentences are sometimes tangled up like Idek you'd have to read them over and over again to fully grasp the meaning. But I guess it's just my weakness. I mean, as a Malaysian, I should probably understand it the first time I read it but noooo. Or maybe I'm not focused enough. Haih I know my grammar is all messed up now. I don't even care anymore. Actually I do and still care but WATUDU. ~_~

I'm actually waiting for someone to whatsapp me. I was gonna order KFC but Idk when is that person gonna whatsapp me. ~_~  I WANT MY FOOD. Lel. What am I even doing. I've been in my room for three days straight. I mean, I did go out for lunch and dinner but other than that, I'm basically on my bed either sleeping, on the laptop, 'reading' or on my phone. Zzzzz. I miss David. :( I miss my family. Actually I don't but maybe I do. Idek. Idk what do I really feel about my family. Lol but what I know is that I really, really love them. 

Omg I just touched my chin and I have double chin it's so ugly and fat ergh. It's just there like blegh bleh hai I exist lel. fat zulaikha is fat. ok I am not fat but I carry more fats than I should. happy?! no. obviously I'm not happy lol but to those who say that "zulaikha you're not fat", well, I carry excessive fats, that's all. Okbye. Take care. wish me luck for my finals. I need to get really, really good pointers. In sha Allah. Also pray for the victims of flood in Malaysia. Yes, it's really bad. In sha Allah everything will be alright. He has His plannings. Look forward.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

travel wishlist


It's been a long time huh? I'm just gonna update a little bit, just to touch on travelling. Been busy with assignments and other stuffs such as SUKMUM where I'm one of the AJKs. Another thing is practice for theatre which is Karviter and also Boria. @_@ For Karviter, I'm one of the actors and for Boria, I'm one of the sailors(which are the dancers). Cool stuff.

Anyway, back to my intention here. I'd like to list down the places I've yet to travel to, in Malaysia.

  1. Cameron Highlands
  2. Fraser's Hill
  3. Legoland, Johor
  4. National Zoo
  5. National Park
  6. Peak of Mount Kinabalu
I guess that's all for now? Haha. I'm truly grateful to be given the opportunity to travel to other places in Malaysia with my family. Still yet to go to the places in the list with them. However, I'm not sure if we'd be able to do so with my parents growing old and my siblings having their own family and such. Ah, well. What's important is that we're still together as a happy family. :)

Ok bye. HAHA. There's a closing ceremony for SUKMUM tonight and I'm joining the flashmob with my other friends. So excited!!! :D Pray for us. In sha Allah everything will be alright and we'll win something. But most of all, we'll have fun.

Fi hifzillah.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Minggu Keluarga Bestari 2014/2015


How are you doing? I hope you're fine and dandy.

Life in UM has been amazing. It did get tiring but most of the time, everything seems so much fun. Last week, we had Minggu Keluarga Bestari or MKB. I'm in Fire Nation. My 'papa' is Sufi while my 'mama' is Deqla. I also have Kak Long, Kak Ngah and Kak Cik as well as 'brothers'.

For the first night, we had an introduction about MKB, the projects they're going to hold as well as a q&a session with the college's administration. After the event was over, we gathered with our families, mine being Fire Nation. They briefed us about some things and we learnt cheers.

Second night, we had academic night. The games held were debat kakyah, alih suara, snake and ladder and... I don't remember what else. It was very entertaining to see them play the games and I laughed so hard. Oh, that evening, I had to play volleyball for my family because we didn't have enough players. Ended up winning so we headed to the finals on Saturday.

On the third day, I was supposed to play futsal but I didn't because I had to practice for arts night (?). Azfar, Adlina, Mukhlis, Amirul, Yong and I practiced the Aci, Aci, Buka Pintu by P. Ramlee. It was extremely tiring but we had so much fun! We prepared the props and our family members did too. That night, we got ready and we were so eager to perform. Well, at least I was. The moment when they saw Mukhlis acted as Aci, a female character, they cheered and everyone were laughing their asses off. Other performances that night were singing, parody and xfactor. They were very entertaining but sadly, I only watched like, a few because I was busy preparing in the seminar room.

Finally, the last night. OHHH wait. That morning there were aerobic and sukaneka as well as finals for the sports. I didn't join the aerobic and the run. I woke up late because it was raining and sleeping in felt so good. I did go down to support and play sukaneka. I played this game where we had to use a sponge to absorb water(obviously) and transfer it into a water bottle. We all got wet. Haha! But it was so fun and intense. I think we got last. Oh wells. I'll just skip until volleyball. Well, we didn't play much. Dayang and Aini played the most. Why? They kept giving service but the opponent we so weak, the ball was never passed around. So, Alhamdulillah, we won!

Okay, moving on.... that night was fun. I KEEP USING THE WORD 'FUN'!! My vocabulary sucks. In sha Allah, I'll improve. Okay, let's move on to the prize giving session. We, the Fire Nation, won.... volleyball for both male and female, futsal for female, best cheer, most uniformed family for each night, singing, xfactor (me hehe) aaaaaand.... I'm not sure what else. Haha! Alhamdulillah. I think we got about 6 hampers! Haha. Ohh, Papa Sufi won 9th for the running event while Peah got.... I don't remember but top 10. :D

All in all, MKB was so much fun. I am so grateful to be put into this college because since day one, it had been really welcoming, warm and Idk. I'm running out of adjectives to use. The seniors are very sporting and friendly. I don't know. I just love it here. I'm grateful to have a bunch of great friends too. I would totally be lost if they were not here. Nadiah, Izzah, Ereen, Adlina, Azfar, Eleena, Munirah, Ikha. So, so, so blessed and grateful. The PMs are great too. Hazel, Gra, Sufi, Afiq..... erm they're the ones I'm kind of close to right now. Haha! Closest would be Hazel and Sufi. :) Ohhh! Faiz is quite alright too. Gahhh I just love them.

Alright, this is the end of this post. Haha! It's five minutes to eleven. Okay, nanight. Thanks for reading this whole thing, if you did. Fi hifzillah.


(next post might be about college life? Idk)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014



I'm currently in Universiti Malaya. Staying in Fourth Residential College. Or KK4, or KK Bestari. These people are awesome people, I tell you. Orientation was so much fun. It was hectic but still steady, the PM were so awesome. Idek how else to say it. Classes started yesterday and so far so good. I'm getting the hang of it. Let's just hope and pray that I won't sink in the future.

Like Mr Adlan said, "swim, don't sink." Got sick during the first day of class and oh, I was so, so weak. Feeling better though cuz people were there to take care of me. Truly grateful for them. Anyway, I wish I can write (or type) more but I have a lot of things to do and get myself used to this place. So, this is the only update for now.

Fi hifzillah. :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

still about the void

Been feeling down lately. I have no idea why.

No mood to 
- talk to people
- watch videos
- watch the television
- clean up my room
- write a blog post
- read a book
- write in my journal
- do creative stuff
- eat
- give a dang about people

Hm. Saddest thing of all is that I have no appetite to eat. I only eat one meal a day and sometimes it would be instant noodles, other times it would be some cookies and cheese. I don't know. I just don't feel like eating at all. I know it's unhealthy to have empty stomach but really, who cares? I'm doing just fine. Heh.

I couldn't careless about people too. Like, who cares. I don't care what you think or say. Just too tired of talking to people and having them listen to what I have to say. I don't know. I just don't care anymore. Although I crave someone's attention right at this moment, I keep telling myself that things have changed and.... people change too. You can't expect things to stay the way they were. Change is inevitable. Be it good or bad.

Blegh. I'm just looking forward to start my degree. Or maybe not. Haha! I have a lot of things I looked forward too but now I just feel so empty and lazy to do those things. Where did the motivation go? I have no idea. I guess I'll just have to....... pick myself up. I know I can get through this. It just depends on the amount of effort I'm willing to put. It's still weird that I hope for people to push me and motivate me. I guess I'm just used to growing up with motivation. But now, I feel so lost.

I know it will change soon. In sha Allah. For now.... Minggu Haluansiswa at UM. Totally excited (or not) for it! Can't wait to meet the admin for their Twitter account. :3 The cheers, the varsity jacket, just everything. New adventure!

I should stop now. It's 4.30am. Fi hifzillah.

Peace be upon you. xo.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

fill the void, David.

There are days when I feel empty. Simply lose interest in everything. Not having a clue on what's going on in my life and just.... breathe. I sit, go online, eat or even watch the television but my mind doesn't really work. It just long for something.

At that point I realize that I miss some things or someone. In this case, it's someone. Not my family, not my friends. Someone who has been there all these while. David.

I know it's really hard to explain what I truly feel about him because I was so attached to him and wow, for nearly six years, it has always been him. David Archuleta. The thing is, I've only met him twice in two days. Countless in my dreams. Constantly in my mind. I just don't get what does this dude have that makes me love him that much.

I care about him like my own brother or baby or friend, maybe a lover. I don't know. I'm so used to having him as an inspiration to keep going in life because that's all he's ever done. Reaching out to everyone and eventually capturing our hearts. Motivating us to do better and strengthen our faith.

Of course, since he got back from his mission, there is less media and such. I accept and respect that but these days, I just miss him. I miss his news, new music, new vlogs, everything. I wasn't like this during his mission because I know that he's not there. However, now that he's home, I expect those things. Haha!

I don't know. Maybe I'm just so weird. I wonder if any of the Archangels feel this too, though. I just miss him. I pray that he will get the best thing ever in life and the Hereafter. I might not know him well but I know much to say that he deserves the best. He truly does. I am actually shaking my head thinking about this. Totally out of words. I.... am just speechless. Why David? Haha. What did he do?

Anyway, it's 4am. I should get some sleep. And David? I will always, always love you... even though I'm 'just a speck in the galaxy'.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Degree in TESL at UM.... and this time, for real.


Well, well, well. It is out! The results for which university I'm heading to for degree. Degree in TESL that is! I was offered three, UM, UiTM and UIA. Attended UM and UiTM. And guess what?! I got into UM! Whoop whoop! Although I must be honest, I was kind of hoping for UiTM but I know that He has planned everything so well. So I'll just accept it.

Truthfully, I did not expect to get UM at all. It's because I think I did bad during the interview. Plus UM is a place for all those smart and hardworking people. Here I am, with average pointer of 3.4 something. There they are, those people with pointers above 3.5. Whoa whoa. I haven't even started or even registered and I can already feel the pressure. It scares me so much.

I have been thinking about it since I got to know who else were accepted into the course. Them smart people. T_T Here I am, lazy as heck and I got accepted into UM. What sorcery is this. But then again, I am still and truly grateful for this opportunity. It's fun to be studying where my parents and sister did. Well, at least I hope it will be fun.

So, yeah. Degree awaits. The next big step in life. I hope that I can get through it. Gotta make people proud. Gotta strengthen my faith. Gotta seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Gotta..... try and avoid all those concerts and stuff. Oh man. In the middle of KL! David, 1D, Demi could come anytime. Huh. All those temptations. Food. Shopping. Or at least window shopping.....


I haven't even started and I already think about all of these. Wow, wow, wow. I have no idea where my train of thoughts is going. I sure hope I will be able to do well. In sha Allah. With His guidance, I'm going to be alright. I just hope that I won't stray away like I did during first semester of foundation. Gotta stick with the right friends. Yep.

Okay, I guess that is all for now. Oh, right. It starts on the 1st of September. IN TWO WEEKS. I'm so not done hibernating. Well, I guess things need to start moving now.

Fi hifzillah.

By the way, here's a post about the interview for this course that I attended a couple months ago. Click it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014



Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir & Batin. :)

So it's August already! Can't believe it. Time flies so fast. I'll be in college next month. Continuing my studies, but this time in degree. I'm currently waiting for an offer in two universities that I interviewed for. They're UM and UiTM. I am absolutely torn between two but really, anything goes. I know He has planned everything oh-so well. We'll just wait and see. :) Oh, the results will be out in a week. I am so eager to continue my journey!

Although I must admit that I will truly miss home and staying here for 5 months. Oh man. Pure laziness and comfort. Sad to think that I didn't do much during the holidays. I could've done so many productive things but instead, I laid in bed and went online. Anyway, I have a month to set things right. That is, if I want to. Haha! I never really had a push or anyone telling me to do anything so yeah. I've let myself down. I have this thing where I need and want someone to tell me to do things instead of doing it myself. Someone constantly needs to be there. Zulaikha, do this. Zulaikha, do that. Zulaikha, you forgot to do this.

I know it will be a burden to have someone to actually do that. I mean, they have their own lives and then they have to take care of a nineteen year old's life too? Who in the world would bother. =_= oh man, I am such a lazy bum. I need motivation to change! Hahahah. Constant motivation. For example, David. Haha. He's doing stuffs but I have no idea when is his new music coming out or whatever. NOTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO! Haih. Hence, me not caring about anything, even my health. Zzzz.

Okay, actually I do care about myself but why should I when no one else does. Haha. I know, I like it when the world revolves around me but that's just not how it works. What am I supposed to do, actually? Get rid of this damn smartphone for a start, maybe. It's a life ruiner. Before this phone, I actually did things. Real life things such as eating and sleeping. Now I just online most of the time. Zzzz.

I need to stop writing now. Thanks for reading if you did. Dogs are barking. I hope the cats are alright. Fi hifzillah. :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

the joy of travelling

Assalamualaikum. :)

Today's post is going to be about travelling! Well, I grew up in Sabah but my parents are from the Peninsular. Their hometowns are about four to five states apart. So can you imagine how much travelling it took?

So my mother's Chinese and my father's Malay. Not much of an argument on which hometown to visit that year and such because, well, Chinese New Year we go to my mother's hometown while for Hari Raya Aidilfitri to my father's. As simple as that! Haha. Although sometimes we do celebrate them in Sabah and invite our friends over.

Anyway, so growing up, I have been travelling a lot. I started to pay attention to where I went when I was about fourteen, if I'm not mistaken. I wanted to know where we were going, why, for how long, etc. It was so much fun, especially the part where sometimes we had to stay in different hotels. Oh man, the breakfast at hotels are the best! Too bad sometimes I'd get lazy to wake up early in the morning so my other siblings went instead.

In 2011, my parents and I, along with my younger brother and my older sister who is above me, went on a trip all around the Peninsular. We spent about a day or two in each state and it was so much fun! The journey started at Perlis, down to Penang and Kedah. Afterwards we headed into Perak and then Kelantan. From there we drove down to Terengganu, Pahang then Johor. We even did a little detour into Singapore for several hours. So, Johor again, up to Melaka then Negeri Sembilan. We finished our journey in Selangor... or KL. HAHA.

That was the craziest trip ever. So as you can tell, over the years, my interest in travelling have grown. I have visited some museums, historical places, amazing beaches, wonderful food, friendly eh? people and ahhh. EVERYTHING. Haha! There are still few places that I have been dreaming to go to! I truly hope that someday, I don't mind with who, I'll be able to go to those places.

First up in the list is Legoland in Johor. This is a must! Another is Cameron Highlands. Believe it or not, I have never been there.. oh, and Fraser Hill too. Then there's Kuching, Sarawak. I have been into Sarawak, while we were driving from Sabah through Sarawak to get to Brunei. But Kuching? Never! So, yeah. Those are the places I really, really want to visit. I know it's only in Malaysia but I don't see the point of travelling outside of Malaysia before really exploring my own country.

Thanks for reading, if you did! :) In sha Allah, someday I would love to bring my husband and our children on a trip all around Malaysia. I want them to see the beauty of our own country. There's nothing like home. Also it would be interesting to take the car, taxi, bus, plane or train to different places. See, it's just so much fun travelling. Although it might cost a lot, the experience you get is priceless.

Fi hifzillah.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I'm never letting go.

What ever happens in this world.
Good or bad.
I will always, always be worried for my family and close friends.
And then there's that one person.

No matter where he is,
Even if he's far away,
No matter what he's doing.
Even if I won't know,

I will always be worried for him.
I always pray that he will be safe.
I always pray that he will be happy.
I always pray that he will find the true light.

Still I sit here thinking, why do I care so much?
It has been six years and I'm never letting go.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

blessings and finding the right path


Alhamdulillah. I have been blessed with a lot of things. For start, I still have my parents around. I have amazing siblings. Most of the time they are annoyingly annoying but I still love them anyway. Without them, I don't think I will be where I am today - on my bed 20 hours a day, only waking up for food a strong girl who is trying hard to find the light with endless help.

My eldest brother taught me well about not clicking random links. He also taught me to install things from trusted websites like filehippo or something. He knows all those computer stuffs and if there's anything wrong, I'd  just leave it to him. Anyway, yeah. I can write a lot about my siblings. They really have been taking care of me. I feel like (actually I am) a spoilt brat. But the thing is, I never really ask for anything from them and my parents except for expensive stuffs once in a while.

Let's see.... when I was 12, I begged my parents to let me go and meet Dafi. That is all, I didn't ask for anything else but to meet Dafi. Flight tickets, accommodation, transportation, that event... cost quite a lot. Haha! But they still let me go like what even. I'm the most stubborn in the family. Kind of a failure compared to the rest but they still let my dream come true.

Another thing I asked for was a phone. I mean, who wouldn't?! My friends were all using it, exchanging phone numbers in class and such. Me? "Well, here's my house number and my mom's phone number." It was such a peer pressure. You must own your own phone. Almost everyone had it. Of course I begged them for a phone. After so long, I gave up. Fine, it's okay. No phone. I just want to meet Dafi again, because he was in KK at that time. So my mom brought me to Centre Point, where Dafi was for the movie he acted in - Sayang You Can Dance. I didn't know what time was the signing session was supposed to start and then my mother got bored waiting. Sadly, we were on our way out until my mother stopped at a shop and asked which phone I wanted.

Was she insane?!?! I was there to meet Dafi but it was unsuccessful. Instead, she decided to buy me a phone. I couldn't believe it at that time. Having a phone means that you need a sim card. I didn't understand or knew about it. I thought that you'd buy a phone and you can already call people. So the next thing was to find a sim card. I looked at some numbers and bam! There it was. It had numbers exactly like Dafi's birth date. So we bought that one. I was so overjoyed.

Years passed by and I never once asked for a new phone. I could see around how my friends changed their phones every now and then. I mean, one phone is enough, if you take good care of it. I'm still proud that I managed to use my phone for five or six years! It got slow and problematic at times but I could still use it. Although when I looked to the right, I saw my friend using an iPhone and to the left, Android. I envied them but I would much rather save that money to buy something else.

What else? Oh. The camera they bought me as PMR present. I never asked for it, really. They just gave it to me. I sort of wanted to decline but since they bought it, I just accepted. I wasn't being picky or anything. I was and still am grateful. It's just that... like what I said, I'd rather keep it for something else. And then that next year, someone I adored was coming to Malaysia. Oh man, I was really hoping that my parents would let me go and meet David. And so they did. Again, flight tickets, concert tickets, merchandise, food. Big amount of money, I must say.

You see, the 'I would rather save for something else' was for David. I don't want a laptop, I don't want a new phone, I don't want expensive clothes. I just want to meet David. It's really as simple as that. Not just David but One Direction and Demi Lovato too. Unlike other people who ask for money to buy new technology or sports kit and such, I ask for money to go to concerts. HAHA! I guess it's pretty much the same amount if you add them up. Or maybe concerts are much more expensive.

Another thing was regarding my current phone, Galaxy S4. I had no idea about these phones, which model came out, which is the best and stuff. So one day, right before I entered college, they bought me the phone. It was still new! The newest model there was! Like Nimbus 2000 or something. Did I ask for it? No! I never did! I did think that it would be nice to own a smartphone but as always, I'd much rather keep it for 'something else'. I was hesitant but they already bought it so..... might as well just take it. Haha! I am truly grateful. But also a big ass spoilt brat. Haih.

Sometimes my working siblings would hand me some money but I would always tell them to keep it. But one day if a concert happens, please spare some money. HAHAH. That's how my childish mind works. Is it weird, though? Chasing for that experience to go to a concert. I know it's against so many forbidden things but I just wanted to go to one. Or maybe a few. Hmm. I just hope that it will change. I just hope that one day, my motivation to save money isn't just to go and meet David. But for God. There are many things you can do for God. A lot, that listing them down would take forever.

Maybe for starters like me, I can buy books regarding religion. Read and learn. That's what He said, though. Read. From there onward, many, many things can be done. You gain knowledge and the next thing you know, you're on your way in His path. In sha Allah. Nothing is better than knowing that He has always been there to help you. He never left. Even though you astray so far, He was always right by you, guiding you, hoping that you could see the light. I'm truly grateful that I managed to get closer to Him last year. The road's rough but with good and enough support, I know I can do it. I just need to be consistent (istiqomah).

Although sometimes you feel like giving up. Like there's no hope for you to change. Oh life sucks, let's just go back to where I was years ago. No! It's just a little something to test you. He IS. ALWAYS. THERE. He won't let you go through things if He knew you couldn't. It's like leveling up in life. Each level gets harder by the second. But you need to have faith and fight through it. Nothing is better than living your life in Islam. Like the word Islam itself - Peace. Follow Islam and you will be in Peace.

Fi hifzillah.

write a post, will you?


Felt like writing today! We're halfway through Ramadhan and I am grateful that everything went well this month. Well, sort of everything. Let's put that aside, shall we?

To be honest, I'm not sure what to write about so I asked a couple of my friends on Whatsapp. They're Ereen and Naqib. They're just such random people. I mean, if any two of us chat with like, less than 100 messages, the other won't get mad. Well, I hope so anyway. I don't mind them talking cuz all they touch about are random topics that last for 5 minutes with about 8 messages. I don't know. They're very funny at times too. It's a weird combination though, the three of us. One is a serious guy with all those wise thoughts and lovable annoying puns. Another is a random girl who seems indifferent but says the best things at times. And then there's me who talk about the stupidest things with the lamest replies ever. Odd. Truly an odd combination.

Anyway, yeah. I told them that I wanted to write something on here but I have no idea what. Aaand so the wise guy told me to write about struggling to find a topic to write about. Haha! I guess here it goes?

First of all, when writing something, you really need a topic. Something, anything to write about. The main idea. At times there are so many things to write about like how your day went, your favourite things that month, a story about your cat journey (you know what, I shall write about this someday), music, religion, people, passion, basically anything! So when you've picked a topic, you will need..... no. Before that there's one super duper important step.

It's finding your mood. Yep. I like to write when I have the mood. When I don't? Please don't expect me to sit in front of the laptop or desktop or sitting on my bed with my phone in my hands, typing away. I'd die. However, at this moment, I'm comfortably sitting on my bed, listening to good music and yeah. I just suddenly have the mood to write! Haha. It just comes. Lately it doesn't happen that often but I'm glad the time came because I absolutely miss writing. (Why do I keep using writing or typing. This is a bad example of inconsistency. Be consistent when you're writing. Or typing.)

Okay, moving on.... what was it that I was going to write about? Haha! Okay.. mood, topic... well that's basically it. I mean, yes, you do need those elaborations and stuff but when I, I repeat, I as in me, write, I tend to let it flow. I don't think of some structure. I just go with it. Like what I'm doing now. Heheh. Sometimes I think, should I write a long post or a short post? Lately I've been loving writing a long one just because I wanted it to look so sophisticated when all there are in these paragraphs are random, childish thoughts of mine.

Hmm. I tend to ramble too. Ehe. Anyway. I guess that's it. Mood. Topic. Let it flow. It doesn't matter if you feel like whatever you're writing are crappy because those are your thoughts! Your opinions on things! It might not matter to most people but what matters most is how you felt when you were writing what you wrote, how passionate you were. Your own 'baby'. :') and I'm going all weird now. Okay. I guess I shall stop here.

Thank you so much for reading, if you did. I hope you enjoyed this little post and it helped you to understand how to start writing a post. (In my own opinion and view anyway.) May God bless you all!

Fi hifzillah. 
Assalamualaikum. :)

(I think my aim of writing about the struggle to write failed. I wrote about overcoming it instead. That's a better topic, no? :))

Thursday, July 3, 2014

not okay

I'm sorry for lying.
Lying about what?
My feelings.
What's wrong with your feelings?
Well, I'm not okay.
But you said you were okay!
No, I'm not.
What's wrong?
Tell me, please?
There's something.
No, it's okay. I'm fine.
No, it's not okay. I'm here. Allah is here.
I know.
You're welcome.


She'll never be okay.
Just saying.


Sunday, June 29, 2014



It's the second of Ramadhan already. The first day was alright. I kind of slept for few hours. Did some chores. Hm. I'm not gonna say what else I did because, let's just keep that between me and Him. :)

I honestly have nothing else to write about but I just felt like writing. I have no idea why. I don't even have a certain topic in my mind. I just want to write away. Oh man, why am I wasting my time? Meh. I have so many things to do and I still haven't accomplished them. Time is running out. It's nearing July and degree starts in September! I know how much I want September to come faster but maybe just slow down for a little bit? Haha! I still regret for wasting my time. Oh man, the things I did. Three months gone just like that. Wow.

Zulaikha, Zulaikha... apa nak jadi ni? Blegh. Meh. Ngeh. Heh. All those.... odd feelings. Haih. Blah blah blah. Bleh. Why though? Ngehh. What crap am I writing now. Oh God. I feel like I have lost. Of all months...... I have lost. Or maybe not. ASJDHAKJSLDKLASJ what is happening to me........

Friday, June 27, 2014


Assalamualaikum! :)
Nothing much happened lately except for my dad going to the hospital and such. Relatives came over so we had to clean things up and yeah.. 

Took care of Zara on Tuesday night until Wednesday evening! It was so much fun! She did cry a little bit but as long as you give her what she wants to distract her, she'll be alright. So that night I made her watch Epic and she was kind of interested but it was boring. Haha! She was searching for her parents but they were not there. Soon enough, she fell asleep. Such a beautiful sight. Late night, my sister came home.

The next morning, my other sister took care of her for a bit then I took control. Mwahaha. Anyway, fed her some food then bathe her. SHE'S SO ADORABLE. Then she ate some more while watching Upin & Ipin. She'd say, "pin pin!! pin pin!!" Oh, she loves Katy Perry's Roar and Pharell's Happy. Haha! She would sing and dance to them!

Anyway, played with her the whole day. I tried making her go to sleep but she wouldn't! So I put on Frozen (for the millionth time) and also Pitch Perfect? Just because I like Skylar Astin. haha! Soon my sister came home and yeah, she took Zara back to their house.... and.. left me there..... Zara ended up sleeping in the car.

SO.. SHE'S SO ADORABLE?!?!?!? AND SQUISHABLE?!?!? IDK. Arghh!!! Her cuteness kills me. I wish that I could take care of her all week long, minus the pooping part and the crying part. Haha! It's really fun, though, taking care of kids. :')

To be honest, I have nothing to write about so I just chose to write about her. haha. Lately I've been watching Cardcaptor Sakura, just because I didn't really watched it when I was little. I'm also reading a book about Fatimah Az-Zahra. :)

Oh! Ramadhan coming soooon!!! :D I hope that I can do my best to be better in the blessed month. Alright. Fi hifzillah. Thanks for reading if you did!


(btw Zara calls David "Bed" and Archuleta "Ta." So it's Bed Ta. HAHA cute)

Friday, June 20, 2014

pure comfort


A couple nights ago, I had a breakdown. Sort of. I cried so hard. I felt so lost. I felt like I needed someone to be there. So I whatsapped one of my closest friends but it wasn't enough. It was totally painful. I asked my friend if I should call my other friend. To be honest, I didn't want to disturb my other friend so bad. I promised myself that I wouldn't disturb..... but I did. The pain of not talking to that person for a long time was killing me. Plus that person said that if I needed anything, that person will be there for me.

So after much hesitation and buckets of tears, I called that person. I was trying to hold back my tears but I could not. I let out everything and that person calmly listened to me and gave me advices. I felt so much better. That person told me to remember Allah. That Allah is there and what I went through that night.... well, Rasulullah got it worse. Peace be upon him.

Anyway, so we ended up talking for more than an hour. I have no idea why but at that time, I needed it. I felt so much better. For some reason, having that person there, just simply listening to me makes me happy. I know Allah is always, 24/7 there. His comfort is always the best there is. But I just needed to make that phone call. I don't regret it at all.

Alhamdulillah, I felt soooooo much better after that. I still feel guilty for stealing that person's time. Hmm. You can never replace time, you know... Huh. Okay, I guess that is all for tonight. Thanks for reading, if you did. Fi hifzillah. Assalamualaikum :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Degree in TESL at UiTM Interview

Assalamualaikum. :)

14th June 2014, Saturday.

Got up and got ready for my second interview for degree. This time it's for UiTM. So my mother drove me to UiTM Sabah. Before that we stopped by McD drive-thru because it was the easiest. Had Filet-o-Fish.


I texted Achok and he was there already. So I walked to the rooms and Fara's mother greeted me. "Zulaikha! TESL kan? Itu nah, bilik pertama.. kamu masuk ja.. ada si Fara di dalam.." So grateful, or else I'd be lost. Anyway, so I got into the room and took the test. Achok wasn't in the room but he came it later. I feel so bad for leaving him. :/ Anyway, the test was an hour long. 10 objective questions and a 300 word essay.

5 questions based on the passage and another 5 was grammar. The topic for the essay was, 'Schools should start at 8.30am and end at 3.30pm.' Agree or disagree. So I started writing and stuff. Heh. It was alright. Later, we had to wait outside for our turn for the interview.

There were only five of us. Alex from UiTM Lendu, Cherry from UiTM Kuantan and Achok, Fara and I from UiTM Shah Alam. It was cool because we took Foundation in TESL. :D So we waited and waited. I was the fourth person to be interviewed.


The bell rang. I knocked on the door and greeted the interviewer. He was alone.

Good morning.
Good morning. You can place your file here. Okay, before we start, can you read these to me.
*eye test*
Okay you may sit down. Thank you.
Thank you.
So... Nur Zulaikha.. You took foundation in TESL?
Speak louder please, I can't hear you. To be a teacher, you need a loud voice.
So where did you take it?
At UiTM Shah Alam.
How do you find it there?
Well, I really like it. It is really convenient.
Convenient in what way, Zulaikha?
Well, I really love the library there. Also there's the cafe. Quite cheap too.
The cafe.. they sell quite cheap and delicious food. (also talked about the bus from college and stuff)
Okay... blahblahblah. Can you do a mock teaching? There's a whiteboard there and marker.
*wipes off the board, writes 'Writing An Essay'* So today we are going to learn about... how to write an essay. A simple structure of an essay. *starts teaching*
*asks question about the structure* Okay thank you, you may sit down.
Thank you.
*asks me about the Dean, the lecturers there, the prime minister, the head of state in other countries.* Do you know anyone who came to Malaysia recently?
Oh, yes. Um, Barrack Obama?
And who is he?
Oh, the president of the United States.
Okay, good. So... *asks me about my parents' occupation*
*answers confidently. pfft.*
You have your parents' copy of ic but not yours. Where is it?
Oh, I'm so sorry. It's outside, in my bag. I am so sorry. I will give it to you later.
Okay. Give it to me straight away. Thank you, Zulaikha.
Thank you. Have a great day.

Later I gave him my photocopy of ic. HUUHHH. That was nerve wracking. I forgot that I photocopied extra copies that I didn't put the original copy with the other documents. Haih. Thank God the interviewer was kind. He's a really cool dude. Not too serious, not too relaxed. Just alright.

Anyway, I really hope I did great. It took only 5 minutes, though. I kinda wish it could've been longer. Heh. Then I waited for my brother and sister and Zara. hehe. Headed home and took care of Zara, as usual. For now, UM or UiTM, I really don't mind. I'm not sure if I'm going to go to IIUM interview, though. It's in KL! Heh. I hope there will be a session in Sabah. In sha Allah.


Off topic. So I have been listening to Letto's Ruang Rindu. It's such a nice song and. aahhh. The message. My heart can't take this. Haha! I miss everyone so much. Oh, I have been addicted to Austin Mahone's Mmm Yeah too. Crazy. I thought the song was mehhh but it got stuck into my head.

Umm, trying to be strong for life. Heh. I hope I can get through this. Up until September. I can't wait for degree, really. Heh. I feel so meh and heh and ngeh and hilang lately. ~_~ No idea why. Dududu~ That is all for now.

Fi hifzillah.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Interview


Good news! I have been called for an interview at UIAM or IIUM. As usual, degree in TESL. Truly grateful! I didn't get called for UKM, though. I applied for four universities and got called for three. Wow. That is really something. I don't know how I deserve it though. Maybe Allah wants to test me. I don't know. I just hope that this is for the best. I will do my best for all the interviews and.... we'll see what happens.

Anyway, all of these interview calls have been bothering me for quite some time. Especially when it comes to my friends. Some of them weren't called for the interview. I have no idea why. I mean, they did get an interview or two but... I don't know. They seem really stressed for not getting the others. Wouldn't one interview sort of secure your place there? Plus most of them have higher pointers than I do. I just don't get why they didn't get it. It's kind of unfair and I feel like they NEED those chances. Why am I chosen? Why not them? Why don't we all get chosen?

..... why question Allah's plans? Yes, wondering is allowed but just learn to accept it. He knows what's best for all of us. He wouldn't put you through this if you can't handle it. He knows you so well, He loves you so much. That's why He's doing this. You can only pray and just hope for the best.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Internet Friends

Whoopie! Another blog spot! Cuz I feel like writing! Yay!

So today's post is going to be about Internet Friends! YAY!

I think it was about 7 years ago when I first met my Internet friends. Yep. I was 12 years old. I have been talking to them for almost 10 months or so. I met them in December and wow, it was such an experience. Who are they? Well, they're Dafinites. I was a total huge fan of Dafi back then, when he was in AF5. So I went online and searched about him and found Dafi Fan Club, or DFC. I chatted with a lot of them including those who were (are) really close to Dafi. I really wanted to meet them and Dafi, mostly. Turns out they were holding Dafi's birthday celebration at KL Tower in December. I was so excited and I told my family about it. Being absolutely sporting, they agreed. So there I was, with my sister as chaperon.

Some of them. Heheheh.

The man himself, Dafi.

Moving on..... the next Internet friends I met were the ArchAngels! It was in 2011 when I went to David's concert in KL. Oh man, I end up flying to KL every time I meet my Internet friends. Hahah! Well, it was extremely memorable. I've been talking and getting to know them through the screen for about 3-4 years!

Larissa, Hanna, Irfan, Me, Sal, DAVID, Weiyan, Mai, Jeff, June.

In 2013, I met another person! He was kinda my friend. Got to know him through Twitter because I stalked him! Haha! He got in to Foundation in TESL too so I was finding for friends and checking out if there were going to be good looking guys. Haha! Found Amir Dee. He's such a cool person and very chilled although at times he can get stressed about things. Seems like a lot of girls are after him. Anyway, I met him after the placement test. He was like, "Zulaikha?" and I nodded. Haha. Not really an Internet friend but.... I guess I still got to know him online!

AmirDee, Nabila, Me and Ereen.

Another person was Sham. I got to know him through one of my closest friends, Arie. They attended the same high school, MRSM TGB. So... yeah. We got to know each other through Facebook and started getting friendly. Haha! He is a really cool dude. Full of stories and enthusiasm. I think if you give him a topic, you can actually listen to him talk for hours! Just sit there and listen. Haha. He also gives good advice and wow. Ohhh right! We met this year! Took us five months before we actually met. Haha. The day I had my UM interview was the day he accompanied me. The. Whole. Day. He gave me tips for the interview and such. Really grateful for it.

Interesting fella.

So that is all for today! It is really cool though, when you meet people online. I mean, it's like, you have never met them but only talk to each other through Facebook or Twitter and such. Over time, you create this kind of bond where you've just.... become really good friends! You share a lot of things with them and they listen. Vice versa. I think it's really beautiful. Sad thing is, some people actually lie. Lie about everything. It saddens me because these things happen. Yes, you need to be careful but why not start a healthy relationship in the first place? Why play around? Be positive and be happy.

Okay, thanks for reading if you did! It was a pleasure knowing all these people and I hope that someday I get to meet many more! Fi hifzillah. Assalamualaikum! :)

start of something new


I guess it's time to start anew. Nothing is really over but I guess I shall make that first step into a new life. New beginning. New me.

I have been lazing around all week, not really doing anything. Just cooking, reading, going online, sleeping, taking care of Zara. Nothing much, really. I think it's time for me to start focusing on the real things such as getting my license, cleaning my room, really strengthening my faith. Things are changing. In fact, things HAVE changed. I noticed it a couple weeks ago.

I think it's time to let go of my phone. Or wifi. This is crucial for me to start moving on with life. I was in this state in October or November last year and it lasted for months! Thank God I feel inspired now. It took only a couple weeks! Alhamdulillah. I need to sort my priorities. I shall start today! Hopefully. In sha Allah. Oh God, please guide me. I really want this.

Pray for me.
Fi hifzillah.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Called for UiTM Interview :3

Assalamualaikum! :)

I've been called for Degree in TESL at UiTM! This is fun! I'm looking forward to the interview and I hope I will be able to do my best! :)

So far I've been called for two interviews. One at UM and another is this one. I really hope that I did and will do my best. If I pass the interviews, I have no idea which to choose. Really. I think I would prefer it if they select for us. I don't know. IF IF IF I were to pass both, I'd be torn between two. Let's just hope for the best. In sha Allah everything will be alright.

I'll blog more about the interview after I go through it, which is in less than two weeks. Heh.

Fi hifzillah.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Using only SONG NAMES from ONE artist/band, cleverly answer these questions.

Artist/Band: David Archuleta
Gender: Who I Am
Describe yourself: The Other Side of Down
How do you feel: Stomping The Roses
Describe where you currently live: Good Place
Your best friend is: My Kind of Perfect
Your favorite colour is: Rainbow
If your life was a television show what would it be called: Everything and More
What is life to you: Elevator
What is the best advice you have to give: Things Are Gonna Get Better
If you could change your name, what would you change it to: Angels

Aha, this was fun. :)

Name your favourite......

  1. Place: Home
  2. Person: David Archuleta
  3. Colour: Orange or Pink
  4. Food: Mac and cheese
  5. Smell: My own smell... or Lancome's Miracle perfume
  6. Book: Chords of Strength
  7. Movie: Mulan
  8. Music artist: David Archuleta
  9. Genre of music: Anything David sings
  10. Genre of literature: Drama
  11. Magazine: I don't buy magazines anymore....
  12. Texture: ??
  13. Time of day: All the time
  14. Day of the week: Thursday
  15. Tumblr: Mine
  16. Thing to do when bored: Online, read, sleep.
  17. Celebrity: David Archuleta
  18. Class in school: English
  19. Website other than Tumblr: Twitter
  20. Drink: Iced Milo
  21. Precious stone: Ruby
  22. Animal: Cat
  23. Flower: Morning glory
  24. Time in history: When I was born
  25. Font: Cambria
  26. Video game: ...
  27. TV show: ...
  28. Play: ...
  29. Sound: Rain
  30. Fruit: Mango
  31. Vegetable: Lettuce
  32. Store/shop: Speedy
  33. Article of clothing you own: My jubah
  34. Fashion/style: Simple..... haha
  35. Pattern: ...
  36. Workout: I don't even know.
  37. Quote: "Even if you can't sing, you can always plant a tree."
  38. Historical figure: ...
  39. Boy’s name: David. o_o
  40. Girl’s name: Mia Sunday
  41. Potato chip flavor: Original
  42. Meal of the day: Anything involving cereal
  43. Ice cream flavor: Chocolate chip mint
  44. Soda: Zesta
  45. Popcorn flavor: Caramel
  46. Season: Autumn
  47. Month of the year: October
  48. Word: banana
  49. Disney princess: Mulan
  50. Insult: ...
  51. Joke: ...
  52. Cussword: dafuq bij..
  53. Letter: Z
  54. YouTube channel: danisnotonfire, zoella, funforlouis, springkleofglitter. CAN'T CHOOSE.
  55. Eye color: Dark brown
  56. Memory: all of them
  57. Dessert: ice-cream
  58. Candy: lollipop
  59. Restaurant: Kenny Rogers Roasters
  60. Lifehack: ...
  61. Language: English
  62. Thing to learn about: life
  63. Thing about yourself: my overconfidence...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

been a long time since I did this!

1. name: zulaikha
2. birthday: 5th october
3. favorite color: orange/pink
4. lucky number: 6??
1. last dream you remember: I went back to my 'new' high school and just talked to the teacher and stuff. Idk
3. art/sports/both: none but maybe arts?
4. do you like writing: only love it when I have my mood! 
5. do you like dancing: love love love dancing! I can go on for hours
6. do you like singing: I like singing but I suck at singing. haha!
1. dream vacation: anywhere as long as it's a road trip where I can visit geographical and historical places o_o
2. dream date: maybe a picnic where we just sit and talk, share stuff, watch a movie on a laptop?
3. dream guy/gal/enby: taller than me, funny, knows how to get me. oh man, spiky hair maybe a faux hawk. stubble too.
4. dream wedding: just a simple wedding at a hotel. heh. a garden wedding would be nice..
5. dream pet: forever loving cats.
6. dream job: teacher? journalist? writer? 
1. favorite song: too many. waaaay too many.
2. favorite album: too many. I guess Demi Lovato's DEMI album.
3. favorite artist: David Archuleta.
4. last song you heard on the radio: probably Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5.
5. least favorite song: I don't know......
6. least favorite album: none..?
7. least favorite artist: none.
1. sexual/romantic: both. muehehe.
2. hair color: black/dark brown
3. eye colour: dark brown.. hazel would be nice..
4. humorous/serious: both.. maybe if things get too serious, he can be humorous? heh
5. taller/shorter: definitely taller!
6. biggest turn-off: suddenly disappearing, smoking, etc.
7. biggest turn-on: piercing gaze, humour, good with words, etc.

Interview at UM

It's 12th of August 2014. The results came out and Alhamdulillah, I got accepted. You may read about it here.

Assalamualaikum! :)

So I got up at 4am last Saturday (24 May) cuz my flight was at 6am. Got ready and stuff then my mom sent me to the airport. Travelling alone, once again! I kinda love this. I feel independent whenever I do so. Also the stamps in my passport. Love them. Anyway, so I arrived at KLIA at about 8.30am or so. Took the bus to KL Sentral and reached there at 10.30am or so. I promised to meet a friend there so I waited at McDonalds. It was the easiest place to wait, in my opinion.

Anyway, so he arrived at 11am. I have never, ever met him before until that day. We only knew each other online so that was our first ever meeting. He's cool. He is what I pictured him. Haha! So we went to Nu Sentral to find a place to eat but ended up eating at KFC in KL Sentral. ~_~ So we talked and stuff, transferred files into each others' HDD. Movies, mostly. And animes. Later we took the taxi to UM. Ha, this is where it all starts........ my UM interview.

So we had to be there 30 minutes before the time scheduled in the letter, which was 2pm. Arrived there nearly 1.30pm. Prayed Zuhur then waited in the auditorium. I met Mayra there! She's such a pretty girl! So we just talked and stuff. Later, they called out our names but my name wasn't in it. =_= So I went up to the front with some other people and we gave our interview offer letter. As I was going down the stage, I met a girl who is from Sabah too. Her name is Athirah and she applied for Degree in TESL too. It was nice meeting her. What I love is that she was there alone. Sole traveller. :')

Anyway, so we waited for quite a long time. They played Tiga Abdul and this dude laughed like heck. His name is Valmiki (sp?), but I got to know him laaater in the day. Anyway, yeah. Names were called and it was 4.30pm. We had to go to another place to wait for our turns. Block B? or D? Idk. Waited there with Mayra, an Indian girl, Athirah and Miki. Shared stuff with Miki. He's a really cool guy. Very charismatic. I absolutely adore charismatic Indian guys. I have no idea why but they have this real strong independent thing about themselves. Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, my turn was at 5pm. Huh. Finally! So I went in, greeted the interviewers and they told me to stand and I had to do an eye test. It was the colour blind test. Oh yeah, I got interviewed by Dr Zawawi Ismail and another man who I don't know, I just love his English. Anyway, I was so nervous because these are huge people. They have huge reputation and Idk. I was so overwhelmed. Okay. So they told me to sit down and I sat.

Interviewer: So, Nur Zulaikha. Tell us about your background.
Me: I.. I wa-
Interviewer: Your cultural background. How you were brought up, etc.
Me: *huh okay question wasn't finished =_=* I was born in Sabah. My mom is Chinese and my dad I Malay. yaddayaddayadda. (I talked about how I got used to travelling and how the people in Sabah are united in a way)
Interviewer: Okay, in your opinion, which cultural is the better than the other?
Me: I think tha-
Interviewer: Like, the cultures in Sabah and the cultures in the mainland. Which do you prefer? (or something like that Idk)
Me: *why am I so eager in answering?!* I think that the cultures in Sabah, the people there are united... yaddayadda.

And then, I forgot the orders. Um yeah. Anyway then they said,

Interviewer: Okay, can you teach? We're giving you one minute, there's a whiteboard and marker behind you. You may erase that. Any topic. Go.

Me: Okay, so today we are going to learn about subject verb agreement. For example, 'He cooks dinner.' (yaddayadda me explaining about the singular and plural shizz.) Another sentence I did was, 'They walk to school together.'

Okay, good job. Good job. I love the example there.
Thank you, thank you.
Okay you may sit down.

I don't remember what happened next?! I think they told me to reenact the choral speaking speech I did years ago. I told them I could do it when I was actually so nervous that I was fidgeting. I said sorry many times and then they calmed me down and said that it was okay. So I sat down.

Interviewer: Ok. Zaman kini, guru-guru tidak dihormati. Bagaimanakah cara untuk memastikan pelajar menghormati guru?
Me: I think that the teachers sho-
Interviewer: Sila jawab dalam Bahasa Melayu, ya, Zulaikha.
Me: Uh. Okay. Saya rasa bahawa yaddayadda. Jika guru menghormati pelajar dahulu, IN A WAY, *chuckles* pelajar aka-
Interviewer: Takpa, takpa. Sambung dalam bahasa Inggeris.
Me: Okay. Um, in a way the students will-
Interviewers: *laughes* Itu yang saya tunggu. (or something like that)

What the heck just happened there though?!?!?! Why did he laugh?! T_T Was it because I wasn't supposed to actually answer in English? Or was it because they could tell I was full on English mode that day and I am more comfortable in talking in English? Hm. I have no idea. I hope it's the latter. Anyway, then they dismissed me and I thanked them. "Have a nice day!" I said. (I always do because David started it =_=)

Fuhhh. Glad that was over! But I was and still am quite disappointed in myself. I feel like I could do so much better. But it has passed. Let's just pray for the best. In sha Allah, I can get this. If I don't, then maybe UiTM is for me. Wallahua'lam.

So after that, performed my prayers and then met my friend. We took the taxi to KL Sentral. Later we went around Nu Sentral again because my sister wanted me to buy pampers but they were expensive. So we went around and bought Auntie Anne's pretzels. Had dinner at Subway. The pretzels were so good! Uh, then we just talked. Most of the time I was focusing on my phone. I feel so bad. I should have just ignored my phone. Life sucks. People suck. I suck. I really should have turned off my mobile data but I didn't. =_= Sorry.

So yeah, then we took the bus to KLIA. He accompanied me! I couldn't believe it. I told him to head back but he insisted on sending me home. :') I was and still am so touched. So we just talked in the bus and he gave me a button badge. Damn. It hit me right in the heart. Uhm, yeah. We just talked and talked, shared stories. He dedicated me a song right there and then. Haha. Love the song, love the lyrics. So we arrived at KLIA and he performed his prayers. At 9pm, we sat near the gates. It was a short but sweet meeting. I didn't want to go back but I had to. We said farewell and off I went into the gates. Sad thing is, I turned around but he wasn't there. =_= He had to catch the bus. Haha!

Flew at 10.25pm and arrived at about 1am. It was definitely a tiring day! Imagine in the plane for 5 hours, to and fro combined. In the bus for 2 hours, combined. Sat in the auditorium for 2 hours. 9 hours of sitting! Just imagine that! Not to mention the times we ate! Probably 12 hours of sitting! I actually crashed to bed and slept the whole day. Literally. I'd open my eyes, browse my phone for few minutes and slept again. I was soooo tired. I still feel guilty because I didn't hang out with my Dogo2 United. :( I hope I can make up to it!

Woo~ This is such a long post! Hahah! OHHHHHHHH BY THE WAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! I finally got Hlovate's Versus! My friend got it for me! Thank you! It's a book about this dude who was a skater boy then he met this pious girl. He liked her but he was nowhere near her level in religion. And yeah, the story goes on. He changed. It was hard for him but he changed. I am still stuck at chapter three though. I just had this hibernation mode after the interview. o_o I didn't blog, I didn't read, I didn't do the chores. I just.... hibernated. I think I am alright now. :D

Okay, I hope to finish a lot of things before September! CAN'T WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER!!!! Okay. That is all for now. Thanks for reading if you did! I hope the interview thing is useful for those of you who are called for interview! TESLian now, TESLian forever! :)

Fi hifzillah.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Assalamualaikum! :)

MEdSI was alright. I took it on Friday at UMS. That morning I had breakfast with Shafiq. We were supposed to go to Azureen's cafe but it opens at 11 and it was 10. Haha! So we headed to McD. I had hotcakes. It's so delicious. Been a long time since I last ate it. Then he sent me to UMS. (Hehe thank you Shafiq.)

So we had to line up according to the room we got. I got Makmal Umum 2. The others were Makmal Umum 1, 3 and 4. I think. Anyway, so I showed the slip, signed where my name is and went to the lab.

I was there with my friend, Achok. We got the same room so we went in together and there were tons of computers. So we started the test. Picked UMS cuz that's where we took the text. 300 questions. I did for about half an hour I think? They were simple questions asking about yourself and what it's like to be a teacher? Idk.

Akademik adalah lebih penting daripada kokurikulum. Ya / Tidak.
Guru boleh memarahi pelajar sesuka hati. Ya / Tidak.

See, it's that simple. Ehe. So after we finished, met another friend, Hasmira and we went to 1 Borneo. Had Marry Brown. The chicken rice the is very good! Though the chicken's quite small. Ngeh. Then I went home and got ready for UM interview.

Monday, May 26, 2014

For some reason, I am in hibernation mode?

I have no idea why. I don't feel like doing anything. I don't feel like going online. I don't feel like writing a blog post. I don't feel like watching videos. I don't feel like reading books. I just. MEH. I feel so meh lately.

That is all. Haaaaaaaa.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Crazy Japanese Childhood


Okay so I've been wondering a lot about what happened during my childhood. Some people played with their friends everyday, play computer games, had piano lessons, etc. Most of them actually remember what they did. Like, "ooh when I was 10 I was so addicted to this cartoon on tv." and stuff. Then I just thought..... what was I doing when I was 10? o_o

So I started using the computer since I was like, maybe 7 or 8? I have siblings who are about 10 years older than me so I was exposed to teenage craze at that time. My brother liked Utada Hikaru. I've listened to almost all her songs and I know them. I have no idea what she's singing but I know the songs. First song I got to know was First Love. It was a beautiful song and yeah.. Next was Mirai E by Kiroro. Everyone was crazy about the song. I think I memorise it but not the exact words.

I guess my childhood had a lot of Japanese influence, eh? My sister loved Tomoya Nagase. I was hooked too. I JUST listened to two of his songs and it brings back so much memories. They're Hitoribocchi no Haburashi and Omae Ya Nai To Akkanen. Such meaningful songs. Omae Ya Nai To Akkanen has a beautiful message and it's a beautiful song. I actually teared up listening to it.

Anyway, so, uhm. When I was 10 it was all about Naruto. We actually have CDs (or DVD?) with all the episodes. Up until 100++ or so. It was crazy. I watched but I didn't understand a thing. Hey, I was 10! All I know was baka. hahahah. So yeah. Oh, there was also Bleach and Full Metal Panic. Fumoffu! Hahah. I remember sitting in front of the computer with a container of chocolate chip cookies, watching FMP. It was so cool.

Soon, my sister got addicted to UVERworld and bam! I know their songs too and probably memorise them. Hm. That was when I was 11. I guess my whole childhood, I've been influence with Japanese stuff! Although I'm not addicted to them, it's the people surrounding me who actually shaped my childhood. Haha! I wasn't a crazy fan of Japanese stuff but that was what's right in front of me so I took it. Just for the sake of entertainment.

Everything changed when I was 12. Dafi was the love of my life. Then at 13, I got to know David Archuleta. Stayed loyal until now. Heh. Though I must say that I liked others too but not as much as I like David. Like, One Direction, Demi Lovato, etc. I enjoy them. :) I was like, so into Western music because that's all David ever talks about. Hahah. Oh, during Foundation, I was brainwashed with Korean stuff. Huh.

Now that's a long post about my childhood! Wait, there's more. Before I entered primary school. When I was 3 or 4... I loved Westlife, Backstreet Boys, The Moffatts, 911, N*Sync, S Club 7, M2M, The Corrs. Whoa. Yep, that was me. I guess I had a lot of English influence since I was a toddler. Hm. Lucky me. :)

Okay, wow. It's 2am already. I should hit the hay! Alhamdulillah for everything. I guess me growing up wasn't that bad at all. Though I've never climbed a tree until I was 16. Heh. Alright. I hope by reading this post, you'll be able to get to know me more. ;)

Fi hifzillah.