Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Heheh :D Yesterday half of my class went to eat at Burger Bakar Abg Burn. It was awesome! I organized it since like, last week. I wanted the whole class to come but some had already made plans, so it's okay. I had to book the place then ask my classmates what they wanted and collect their money and go to the restaurant and book again. omg. It was so much work but it was worth it! :)

I really appreciate those who came. I mean, I'm not sure if they can see the effort I'm putting? It's like, I really want them to become a family. I want US to become a family. There may be cliques but no harm in hanging out together, right? I just... want everyone to spend time with each other and just sit and talk. They're my family now. I need to be there for them and they need to be there for me (if they want to but I hope they do). Who else am I suppose to depend on if it's not them?

Anyway, Syawal is coming soon! I really can't wait! I'm not going back to Sabah, though. This year it will be at Perlis! :D I can't wait to meet my family and relatives! It's been two months since I last saw my parents and my brothers. I've met two of my sisters though. Ohhh omg. I want to meet baby Zara too! :') I miss her so much! SHE'S GROWN. Omg. She's turning one in a month! Heehee. Plus she can walk, I think? And respond to us and stuff. Omg. I just can't wait to meet her. :') The fact that I took care of her during the early weeks she was in this world. Heh.

UGH I WISH I CAN CONTINUE TYPING BUT THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE. NOISY PEOPLE. I REALLY DISLIKE THEM. WHY CAN'T THEY BE QUIET FOR ONCE. IT'S THE LIBRARY FOR GOD'S SAKE. MANNERS PEOPLE, MANNERS. You're making me dislike your faculty and everyone in your faculty. PLEASE. I don't want to. You're making me do so. Pfffft.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

amigos and beebeedee

Okay so I know I post here a lot lately but this will be the last one for now. I just want to talk about my friends here. They're like, the greatest bunch of people ever. I don't know how I would survive without them. 

First are my unique roommates. Hahah! Like seriously they come from Kelantan, Terengganu and Perak. They're so funny at times hahah. but I guess I tend to be the crazy one. Ngeheheh.

Next is my family. They're my brothers and sister. :) Afif, Afiq, Shafiq and Syira. They're always there for me and I really don't know what I would do without them. It's like they're constantly with me and I just appreciate their company. I would never want to lose them. They're the ones who care for me when I'm here. I just don't get that love from the people I should be getting it from. It hurts me so bad but thank God for my awesome bros and sis. :') I really love them and I hope I will never, ever lose them. I know things happen and I totally get it. I totally get why things is the way they are. I don't mind but maybe it'll take time for me to really sink it in. I totally get it. I do. I hope that we will remain as family forever. Because I love them that much. I really love them. CAN YOU HEAR ME?! I REALLY LOVE THEM AND I DON'T WANT TO LOSE THEM. okay that is all HAHAH.

You know when you got to know someone through the internet then meet them real life? Well I really like that. As dangerous it may seem, when you really be careful, it'll be safe. I got to know this dude through Twitter and met him in real life like, almost two months ago. I must say he's totally what I pictured he would be. Hahah I'm glad we're friends. :)

Well I guess that's all for now? Idk. I hope to meet more people through the net though... like my archufriends. :3

OMG BUT DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I MISS DAVID?!?!? T_T I just... gahh. I can't describe how I'm feeling now. I miss his voice, his vlogs, his face, just simply his presence. I miss him :( it's like he's my boyfriend or something. But the thing is, he IS my boyfriend. Hahah! Cuz he always makes me happy :3 bbd, I'm still here waiting for you. I know you'd never hurt me so I decide to be with you forever. Love you. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

vas happenin?


How are you all doing? I still wonder though if there's even anyone reading this. Hahah! I bet there's none. =_=

Let's get straight to the point! Well college life have been quite fun. Wake up early morning, get ready for lectures, take the bus, walk and walk and walk, attend lecture, finish lecture, eat, go back to college, sleep. Hahah! Perhaps do laundry or maybe do the assignments. Lately though, I've been spending my time at Syira and Aida's room, talking about life. This is quite sad. Hahah!

So.... I like this dude but he likes another girl. HAHA. Okay. I'm fine with that but the fact that he knows and he can see the pain in my eyes just kills me. Well, that's what my friend said. Maybe I'm not acting good enough. Maybe I should just start ignoring it. Maybe I should like the person I liked waaaay before this. The dude who has swag. HAHA. I mean poyo, in a good way (??). Oh man, I shouldn't be bothering about this. I'm here to study, right? To get 4 Flat. #4Flat4David.

I'm not sure if some people understand what #4Flat4David means. Well, it's like, if I get 4 Flat, people around me would be happy. Plus David would be back by then. Which means there might be a welcome home celebration or maybe his first concert after the hiatus or maybe he'll come here. Or maybe I should go to him. Whatever it is, I want to go. I want to go. To me, 4 Flat is my chance to meet David again. So I need to focus. I know I'm not that rich like some people who met him like a million times. SO THIS IS MY TICKET TO MEET HIM AGAIN.

4 Flat 4 David.


Anyway so today I played frisbee and squash with Aida, Syira, Afiq and Shafiq. It was so much fun! hahah! I was reluctant to do it at first but I played! heheh :) I want to do it again! :D I'm not sure when but it will happen! Maybe with different group of people? Idk. EXERCISE ZU, EXERCISE!!!! :D

Exercise your body. Exercise your mind. Exercise your faith. You can do this!! It's not that hard! You just have to believe and pray. :) It's almost 1.30am by the way. Hahah! Ohmyyy. I hope I'll make it tomorrow! Suddenly hungry =_= Anyway, yeah... good night! :) Wish me luck for everything!