Wednesday, July 24, 2013

amigos and beebeedee

Okay so I know I post here a lot lately but this will be the last one for now. I just want to talk about my friends here. They're like, the greatest bunch of people ever. I don't know how I would survive without them. 

First are my unique roommates. Hahah! Like seriously they come from Kelantan, Terengganu and Perak. They're so funny at times hahah. but I guess I tend to be the crazy one. Ngeheheh.

Next is my family. They're my brothers and sister. :) Afif, Afiq, Shafiq and Syira. They're always there for me and I really don't know what I would do without them. It's like they're constantly with me and I just appreciate their company. I would never want to lose them. They're the ones who care for me when I'm here. I just don't get that love from the people I should be getting it from. It hurts me so bad but thank God for my awesome bros and sis. :') I really love them and I hope I will never, ever lose them. I know things happen and I totally get it. I totally get why things is the way they are. I don't mind but maybe it'll take time for me to really sink it in. I totally get it. I do. I hope that we will remain as family forever. Because I love them that much. I really love them. CAN YOU HEAR ME?! I REALLY LOVE THEM AND I DON'T WANT TO LOSE THEM. okay that is all HAHAH.

You know when you got to know someone through the internet then meet them real life? Well I really like that. As dangerous it may seem, when you really be careful, it'll be safe. I got to know this dude through Twitter and met him in real life like, almost two months ago. I must say he's totally what I pictured he would be. Hahah I'm glad we're friends. :)

Well I guess that's all for now? Idk. I hope to meet more people through the net though... like my archufriends. :3

OMG BUT DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I MISS DAVID?!?!? T_T I just... gahh. I can't describe how I'm feeling now. I miss his voice, his vlogs, his face, just simply his presence. I miss him :( it's like he's my boyfriend or something. But the thing is, he IS my boyfriend. Hahah! Cuz he always makes me happy :3 bbd, I'm still here waiting for you. I know you'd never hurt me so I decide to be with you forever. Love you. 

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