Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Degree in TESL at UiTM Interview

Assalamualaikum. :)

14th June 2014, Saturday.

Got up and got ready for my second interview for degree. This time it's for UiTM. So my mother drove me to UiTM Sabah. Before that we stopped by McD drive-thru because it was the easiest. Had Filet-o-Fish.


I texted Achok and he was there already. So I walked to the rooms and Fara's mother greeted me. "Zulaikha! TESL kan? Itu nah, bilik pertama.. kamu masuk ja.. ada si Fara di dalam.." So grateful, or else I'd be lost. Anyway, so I got into the room and took the test. Achok wasn't in the room but he came it later. I feel so bad for leaving him. :/ Anyway, the test was an hour long. 10 objective questions and a 300 word essay.

5 questions based on the passage and another 5 was grammar. The topic for the essay was, 'Schools should start at 8.30am and end at 3.30pm.' Agree or disagree. So I started writing and stuff. Heh. It was alright. Later, we had to wait outside for our turn for the interview.

There were only five of us. Alex from UiTM Lendu, Cherry from UiTM Kuantan and Achok, Fara and I from UiTM Shah Alam. It was cool because we took Foundation in TESL. :D So we waited and waited. I was the fourth person to be interviewed.


The bell rang. I knocked on the door and greeted the interviewer. He was alone.

Good morning.
Good morning. You can place your file here. Okay, before we start, can you read these to me.
*eye test*
Okay you may sit down. Thank you.
Thank you.
So... Nur Zulaikha.. You took foundation in TESL?
Speak louder please, I can't hear you. To be a teacher, you need a loud voice.
So where did you take it?
At UiTM Shah Alam.
How do you find it there?
Well, I really like it. It is really convenient.
Convenient in what way, Zulaikha?
Well, I really love the library there. Also there's the cafe. Quite cheap too.
The cafe.. they sell quite cheap and delicious food. (also talked about the bus from college and stuff)
Okay... blahblahblah. Can you do a mock teaching? There's a whiteboard there and marker.
*wipes off the board, writes 'Writing An Essay'* So today we are going to learn about... how to write an essay. A simple structure of an essay. *starts teaching*
*asks question about the structure* Okay thank you, you may sit down.
Thank you.
*asks me about the Dean, the lecturers there, the prime minister, the head of state in other countries.* Do you know anyone who came to Malaysia recently?
Oh, yes. Um, Barrack Obama?
And who is he?
Oh, the president of the United States.
Okay, good. So... *asks me about my parents' occupation*
*answers confidently. pfft.*
You have your parents' copy of ic but not yours. Where is it?
Oh, I'm so sorry. It's outside, in my bag. I am so sorry. I will give it to you later.
Okay. Give it to me straight away. Thank you, Zulaikha.
Thank you. Have a great day.

Later I gave him my photocopy of ic. HUUHHH. That was nerve wracking. I forgot that I photocopied extra copies that I didn't put the original copy with the other documents. Haih. Thank God the interviewer was kind. He's a really cool dude. Not too serious, not too relaxed. Just alright.

Anyway, I really hope I did great. It took only 5 minutes, though. I kinda wish it could've been longer. Heh. Then I waited for my brother and sister and Zara. hehe. Headed home and took care of Zara, as usual. For now, UM or UiTM, I really don't mind. I'm not sure if I'm going to go to IIUM interview, though. It's in KL! Heh. I hope there will be a session in Sabah. In sha Allah.


Off topic. So I have been listening to Letto's Ruang Rindu. It's such a nice song and. aahhh. The message. My heart can't take this. Haha! I miss everyone so much. Oh, I have been addicted to Austin Mahone's Mmm Yeah too. Crazy. I thought the song was mehhh but it got stuck into my head.

Umm, trying to be strong for life. Heh. I hope I can get through this. Up until September. I can't wait for degree, really. Heh. I feel so meh and heh and ngeh and hilang lately. ~_~ No idea why. Dududu~ That is all for now.

Fi hifzillah.


Sarah May said...

So are going to IIUM for the interview?

zulaikha said...

Oh my! Sorry for the late reply! Well, I didn't go to IIUM interview cuz it's in KL..

Sad but that's what my parents have decided. :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum. Hi!

May I asked you something? For the mock teaching part, was it hard? Well, I have my degree TESL interview this Saturday so I'm a bit scared. Hahaha :')

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to know are we be able to get more than one interview for degree in tesl? for example my first choice is UiTM and my second choice is UM or vice versa,so am i only manage to go for my first's choice interview only or i'll get the second one also? sorry, i just need a clarification :)
thank you.