Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Degree in TESL at UM.... and this time, for real.


Well, well, well. It is out! The results for which university I'm heading to for degree. Degree in TESL that is! I was offered three, UM, UiTM and UIA. Attended UM and UiTM. And guess what?! I got into UM! Whoop whoop! Although I must be honest, I was kind of hoping for UiTM but I know that He has planned everything so well. So I'll just accept it.

Truthfully, I did not expect to get UM at all. It's because I think I did bad during the interview. Plus UM is a place for all those smart and hardworking people. Here I am, with average pointer of 3.4 something. There they are, those people with pointers above 3.5. Whoa whoa. I haven't even started or even registered and I can already feel the pressure. It scares me so much.

I have been thinking about it since I got to know who else were accepted into the course. Them smart people. T_T Here I am, lazy as heck and I got accepted into UM. What sorcery is this. But then again, I am still and truly grateful for this opportunity. It's fun to be studying where my parents and sister did. Well, at least I hope it will be fun.

So, yeah. Degree awaits. The next big step in life. I hope that I can get through it. Gotta make people proud. Gotta strengthen my faith. Gotta seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Gotta..... try and avoid all those concerts and stuff. Oh man. In the middle of KL! David, 1D, Demi could come anytime. Huh. All those temptations. Food. Shopping. Or at least window shopping.....


I haven't even started and I already think about all of these. Wow, wow, wow. I have no idea where my train of thoughts is going. I sure hope I will be able to do well. In sha Allah. With His guidance, I'm going to be alright. I just hope that I won't stray away like I did during first semester of foundation. Gotta stick with the right friends. Yep.

Okay, I guess that is all for now. Oh, right. It starts on the 1st of September. IN TWO WEEKS. I'm so not done hibernating. Well, I guess things need to start moving now.

Fi hifzillah.

By the way, here's a post about the interview for this course that I attended a couple months ago. Click it!


khoirun hinata said...


Anonymous said...

Hye. I was a teslian of uitm shah alam also. Could u please share with me ur own experience of attending the interview for uitm tesl degree programme? If u dont mind, i would like to ask for ur email address hee thanks :)

Nur Zulaikha said...

Hi! :)
The interview for UiTM TESL Degree was the same for Foundation I think? There was a test where you have to write an essay and after that there was an interview. Pretty much the same right? Hehe. Oh, sure.. it's gmail and my username is ecachan :) You can find me on Twitter too. All the best in your studies!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Zulaikha!
Which band did you score in MUET when you first applied for UM?

Erika Hunter said...

hi, im from asasi sains in uitm. Since im from asasi sains, can i still apply for tesl in um?

Nur Zulaikha said...

Halluuu anon, I got band 4. I think it's the requirement to get into UM.

Hi Erika. :) If you manage to meet the requirements, yes you can. I have a friend from asasi sains as well and she's now taking tesl in UM. :)

Rachael Rach said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Zulaikha :)
I was wondering when you applied for the upu, did you applied for the same course for the three universities that offered you?

Nur Zulaikha said...

Hi! Sorry, I just saw this. I applied for TESL for all three universities and all three offered me what I applied for. :)