Tuesday, February 27, 2018

of the future


How is everyone doing? I have left this blog for almost a year now and I decided to write again. I did have some moments where I felt like writing but I just didn't bring myself to it.

Anyway, I'm now in my final semester of my degree! I have several weeks to finish up my thesis and fulfill the required courses and then I'm basically done! Just have to wait for my results and hopefully the Senate approves of my graduation!

I honestly have no idea what is about to come after I graduate. Many of my friends thought about pursuing their Master's Degree. My parents did told me to pursue mine and to be frank, I don't want to. But the thing is, I have been following everything they say. Continuing my studies through foundation and degree was all their plan. I mean, I just don't have any goals for my future back then, so I just did what they told me to do. So, I might continue doing so again now. Haha. I'll just get my Master's Degree then. I'm not sure in what field just yet. I don't think what I'm taking now is something that I like. But recently, I noticed that I kept researching about early childhood education.

Over the years, I have seen how my nieces grow. The things they learn, how they respond to things, how they simply developed as a child. I find it fascinating to subconsciously learn all these just by observing them. So, yeah. If I were to pursue my Master's Degree, I might consider doing something related to early childhood education.

Other than studies, I am also thinking about..... marriage! HAHA. It's something I didn't think I would think about at this age and at this stage of my life. But over the couple of years, I found myself dreaming to get married to my current boyfriend. He has met my family and such and my late father knew about his existence although they didn't get to meet each other. But I hope my dad knew I was and will be in good hands. Umm, so I guess we might get married some time in the next year or so? We are taking little steps like... doing this and that. Discussing how we would like things to be, collecting money, attending compulsory courses and such. So I hope everything will work out. I know God has His plans and if He's Willing for them to happen, they will.

Well, that's basically it! Those are they two main things I see myself getting into in the future. Sadly I don't see myself working. Not just yet. I know people my age have worked a lot but I just... I'm so used to being spoonfed that I don't.... work hard? I guess? I do hope to change this attitude though. I did think of working during this last semester but I didn't force myself enough to do so. Hopefully I will work, sooner or later. Another thing is about getting my driver's license. I just. Let's just not talk about it. Haha.

Okay, till next time!
xoxo, Zue.

Friday, June 9, 2017

TESL Degree in UM FAQs


I've been getting a lot of messages especially when it's the UPU season or interview season for degree. Haha. I guess everyone searched for 'TESL in UM' or something, and they'd end up on my blog. I'm writing this post to answer some FAQs that I received. Here's the post on my Interview at UM

Please note that whatever I went through was in 2014, and the system might have changed.

Q: What are the qualifications to enter TESL Degree in UM?
A: Well, first of all you need at least a 3.00 CGPA during your foundation, or matriculation, etc. Actually you can refer here.

Q: Is there an interview? Perhaps an exam or test?
A: Based on my experience, we only had to undergo an interview. It depends on which interviewers you will get. During my interview, I was asked to teach anything for like a minute or so. Just prepare something to teach. Hahah. Then, yeah, just be yourself and be confident. If you really want to be an English teacher or something along those lines, it will show through.

Q: What are the courses you have to take?
A: Some of the courses I took were about grammar, listening and speaking, reading, basic philosophy, literature (poems, short stories, drama), and many more. So basically you learn a little bit about the topics and you will learn how to teach them. There are also courses that involve curriculum and assessment. Basically preparing you to become a teacher. However, the recent intake, 2016/2017 TESL students have a totally different syllabus. So, my experience isn't what you're going to face. I'm not entirely sure what exactly is the recent syllabus but perhaps you can stalk someone somewhere hahahah, sorry.

Q: What are the chances of me getting accepted into this course?
A: I honestly can't say because it all depends on the administration. But let me just tell you that the batch above me has like 30-ish (?) students, while my batch only has 20 of us. But, the batches below have over 30 students. So, yeah, I don't know, just try your best and you might be one of the chosen ones.

Q: How does it feel like being in TESL?
A: It's so much fun! Hahahah. All the people here are happening and we can go crazy at times. We're pretty much the noisiest of all. Plus because there's not many of us, we're really close to each other and we just know each other. Unlike other courses where there are like 100 of them in one lecture, then divided into small tutorial groups. We see each other almost everyday and it's always the same faces hahahah.

Q: Besides TESL, what other courses do I have to take?
A: There are some compulsory university courses that I took which are Kemahiran Maklumat where you have to learn how to use the library and how to search for valid and reliable articles and such. Then there's Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia where you learn about..... the tamadun hahaha. And then Jalinan Masyarakat where you have to do social engagement projects. Besides that where is also co-curricular where it's actually a course you have to take for one semester. Some of the courses are dikir barat, teater, keroncong, seni lukis, event management, tarian tradisional and so many more. But you only have to choose one. Other than that, there's elective courses where you are required to complete 3 credit hours of it. These courses are from outside of your faculty. So since you may be from the faculty of education, you need to take courses from let's say, science, business, islamic, etc. I took 2 science courses in two semesters, making it 4 credit hours. Because all the 3-credit hour courses are not my liking. Haha. It depends on the lecturer but my lecturers taught us very basic about their respective courses.

So I guess that's all for now? That's all I can remember being asked about. Good luck to those wanting to pursue TESL Degree in UM!! You're not going to regret it, I'm sure. But please do note, these are all based on my experience from 2014-2017. Things may have changed, the syllabus and such. So, yeah. All the best!


Thursday, January 5, 2017

First post of 2017

Happy New Year! Assalamualaikum.

It's the last day of the semester for my friends and I as we have one exam to sit for. And then, off we go, heading home for a while, others will come back in a couple weeks time to handle college projects.

Anyway, it's my fifth semester and man, time flew so fast! I have three more semesters and then I'll receive my degree certificate. What comes next? Probably I'll try to achieve master's degree. However, it's still in consideration since I haven't even finished my degree yet.

I had a sudden thought where I feel like I have matured. Haha! Yeah but I do feel so. I compared myself when I was in high school and now, I feel like I am more independent and I can manage my own time, money, responsibilities. I guess these are the changes a person is bound to go through as they grow older. I truly understand the responsibility of..... living? I don't know. It's just that I start studying more and understanding the importance of studying, why I am doing it, how do I do it. Honestly, back in high school, I just listened to the teachers, copy whatever that's written on the whiteboard, try to memorize everything and vomit out (is there a better word?) everything for the exams. But this time, I take my time and try to understand what the lecturers are trying to teach us. I write down anything that is mentioned in class, I write notes after class, and I just feel so good. But I still have the habit of trying to memorize (read: understand) the notes for examinations. Although I must say that I am glad that I still remember some things that are taught throughout my degree years.

Speaking about studies, this semester I decided to take an elective course on human nervous system. The elective course is compulsory though but all the subjects were hard or boring, so my friends didn't take any, but they will in the future. Me being me, I decided to take one this semester, and of all subjects, I chose a science related subject. Haha! Most of my friends would cringe just by hearing the course name. I, on the other hand, do find it hard but I guess these elective courses that are compulsory is actually helping us understand about things outside of our comfort zone. Lucky me, the human nervous system course isn't really that bad at all! The lecturer delivers the message clearly and he relates it to celebrities. Plus, if you attend all the classes, you can understand more and everything will be at ease. I'm glad that I obtained excellent marks for my ongoing assessment. However, for the examination, well, I can't say much. Haha! Let the results tell everything.

Oh, I have totally missed the joy of blogging! I still yet to learn how to organize it properly though. But I'm fine writing like this because my thoughts flow freely and.... yeah. K I'm stuck now. Oh, I didn't mention, did I??? I am in the college action committee once again. Haha! This time as the secretary. It's not an easy job, I tell you. But I had fun for this one semester. I get bitter and firm sometimes so, I don't know what do my friends feel about that. I look forward to the activities that will happen in the next semester! Ooh, especially MAB. Can't wait to see how it goes. Oh wait, there's also Karviter and FESENI. Ohmyy. During my first year, I joined Karviter and Boria. In my second year, I decided to join Akartari which is a team that represents the college for Malay traditional dance and creative dancing. I joined for the creative dancing and oh boy, people said that I lost some weight! Haha. I felt more energized and flexible back then, though. After the competition, I got fat again. Anyway, this year, I am not joining anything. I don't know why. I love dancing but I just think that it might take away the time I have for other things. So, I won't be joining for now. We'll see how things go.

By the way, I have a paper at 8.30am and it's now 2.00am. Haha! I guess this is what you call the last paper syndrome. Lately I find it hard to sleep early, maybe because my body is used to sleeping so late. But I wake up early too! Haih. This semester as well, I have learnt that it is hard for me to sleep when the lights are on or when there's noise. Even the tiniest noise could disturb my process of falling asleep. Unless I get really tired and sleepy, I fail to doze off with the presence of light and sound. It bothers me so much. OR, maybe, like I said, it's because of my biological clock. But the odd thing is, I wake up early, do normal activities, and even though I get slightly tired, light and sound are just a big no. Oh, this is also the reason why I am typing away here. ~_~ Plus, I have not really fully studied for the paper. Haha.

Blegh. Let's talk about something else. Hm. I'll be flying home soon! I have been away from home for 5 months and 2 weeks. It's a long time, I tell you. Although I do get to meet my family here every now and then, it's not the same. Being at home and at my comfort zone, doing nothing, that's home. Being able to cook, sleep in, not bother about where and when to eat. There's also tv! Air conditioner! Oh man. But honestly, being able to see my family every morning is still the one thing I look forward to. Doing laundry. Feeding the stray cats. Washing the dishes. Vacuuming and mopping the floor. I miss doing all these things. Haha. But that's life. One day I'd have to do those things every single day anyway. So I guess I should just enjoy life as it is now.

Oooh. I need to mention that I am obsessed with plan with me videos. I even have my own journal! It's just a normal notebook but I printed some printable stickers and cut them, and stick in my journal. It makes me so happy. I even bought some stickers to decorate and remind me of events and such. It had made me more productive and I am able to record all the memories I have when I look back on it. I even inserted solat tracker and week's expenditure. These are the main things I really need to keep a track on. I look forward to planning for the future! Hehe. I mean, for the near future, I just love listing things down and then crossing them off. It's just so satisfying.

Oh, I shall continue studying now. Thanks for reading all the way through, if you did. Do not hesitate to ask any questions. Plus, you can always contact me through Twitter.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Of college and studies (sort of)

Assalamualaikum. :)

It's been a while, huh? I was sort of busy with everything college wise, and also my studies. Well, I did have time to write and I did think of writing but I didn't know where to start. Honestly, I don't know where to start, even now. It's just a random urge to write something. It's the 6th Ramadan, I'm in college as it is the study week. My friends have all gone home for the week. Some others stayed but yeah. .....

Exams are next week. Actually I have one paper on the 16th and two papers on the 28th. Quite a huge gap there but I hope I'll use my time wisely to study. Sometimes I just find it hard to focus to study when there are people around or when it's noisy. I can only study with music and when I'm alone. I have no idea why. That's why I usually go to the library where it's all quiet or study when my roommates are asleep. Odd, I know. So this study week has been great. There are still some things I haven't studied but yeah, it'll happen soon.

Anyway, college wise.... well, I'm one of the college's action committee member (jawatankuasa tindakan kolej). Haha. So, this session, I handle arts stuff (music, dance, anything that says art.) And so, there are quite a few big things that need to be done. It's all about the management of things, where you do your best to contribute something for the college, and also the future committee may refer to your work and make theirs better. We had Malam Anugerah Bestari and I was given the award of Bakti Seni by my college's master. It's something I have never, ever even thought of. I truly didn't even expect it. It's a really, really sweet award. DOES IT EVEN DESERVE TO BE CALLED AN AWARD HAHAHAHAH. Anyway, I'm grateful for it. Though, I must say that I wouldn't even receive it if it wasn't for my friends who were there to see me suffer every time, but still support me all the way.

Basically there are two things I need done, which are studying and college stuff.

But there's more.

There's cleaning up the things, packing stuff, managing money and aaahh what am I even saying. My life has been unbalanced. Sometimes I don't eat, sometimes I don't sleep, other times I just sleep for 17 hours a day. It's crazy, I know. At one point, I just totally lost control of my life. Honestly, I did it again for a couple of days. I suck. I need to get back on track, man. Oh well, this is why I am up at 2.30am, writing a blogpost. I have a lot of things to talk about, actually. But I don't know where to start. Maybe I should outline it first before I start writing. But that will be too much work. I like simply writing whatever that comes into my mind. Just like that I'm doing right now.

On a side note, I have someone I love with all my heart. Heehee. He puts up with the real, real me. So that's a bonus. I do feel sad for him though, because he has to handle this..... being. But oh well, the love's pure, the love's true, we'll have each other till the end of time. I'll just end this here.

Zue. huhuhu

Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's been so long.


It's been so long since I last posted here. Anyway, life has been.... simply like that for the past four months. Oh, I didn't even right on here that I'm one of the college committee member. I'm the head of arts and creative development in my college. So, basically I took Faiz's place and I have to... do stuff that relates to arts and stuff, but also on the students' needs. It has been quite a journey because I didn't know much before this but now I know some stuff. Not so much but I did gain some useful things. Honestly, I still miss the committee before me because they were just the best. Haha.

Moving on.. so I just finished my third semester and now I'm going into my fourth semester. I have eight semesters overall. My results were okay. Me being me, I wanted more but what I got is truly a blessing. I am really determined to get my pointers back up but I don't know how!!! Haha. I'd always say that I need to work harder and stuff but I usually don't. So yeah. I get what I deserve. Whatever.

Do you ever have those feeling where you feel like you're always left out? I do. Most of the time it's because I distance myself. I hate doing so but sometimes I just can't stand it. I like being alone but I don't like being lonely. Yep. I guess that's it. I'm lonely. HAHA. Who would've thought? But yeah, I have been for so long and it's bothering me so much. Although I'm surrounded by amazing people who I should be grateful to have, I still feel like I'm a piece of shizz. I don't know if it's just me or my stupid thoughts but I always, always, always feel so. I'm not worthy of anything.

I don't know where else to run to but just to accept the situation I'm in. Go with the flow. I feel bitter almost all the time. I feel meh. heh. blegh. Those feelings never left me. I can't describe them but there they are. So... erm. Meh. Anyway, now that I'm writing a blog, I just realized how much I miss writing them! It's so great to have the words just flowing out smoothly. I've been trying to write though, but I never really had any idea what to write on. I don't now too but, who cares. I'm just going to type away whatever I'm thinking right now.

Okay, so last year I joined boria and karviter. This year I'm pretty much the person who looks over for feseni and karviter, as well as betas. BETAS is a new project and it was totally a successful one. Now the students are practicing for feseni and karviter. I can't wait to watch and support each and every performance for feseni and to watch karviter. So this year I'm joining creative dance. I wanted to join boria but I knew that there are others who would want to join them as much as I do. I'll just let them and the newcomers to join because then, it'll become a legacy. So yeah, I'm looking forward to creative dance. I attended the traditional dance practices and it was great. Creative dance training starts this Monday so, I better prepare myself. Haha!

Oh, my ideas are everywhere! What else should I write about? I have no idea actually. It's Valentine's Day. But oooh Muslims can't celebrate them and such. If we can't then we can't. Full stop. There's no need to shove it in people's face. You don't celebrate it. I don't celebrate it. Okay fine. The rest? Let them be, it's their tradition. Hmm. What else. Oh, David has been doing shows but I DON'T KNOW WHEN WILL HIS NEW ALBUM OR SINGLE WILL BE COMING OUT!! HAHA. It stresses me out. However, I understand that he needs his time so, I'll let him be. I'm always and still holding on to him. He changed my life a lot. Other people don't even understand this and sometimes I feel frustrated about it. Heh. I mean.... I don't know.. you don't simply say bad things about it. You don't know what I've been through and how David helped.

I miss my fangirling days. I miss One Direction. I miss being able to dance like crazy around people who doesn't care. Right now it seems like everyone has grown up and I just can't be the kid I am. I'm still a kid!! T_T I don't care if I'm turning 21 this year. BUT THAT'S A HUGE NUMBER OMG. 21. TWENTY ONE. Blegh. Responsibilities. General knowledge that I need to know. Meh. I'm so dumb, actually. Haha. No, I'm not dumb. I am just ignorant. Is that bad? I guess so. But I can't help it. I've been ignorant since I was a kid. Nothing interests me. I mean, nothing that I should pay attention to, interests me. Oh well. I guess sooner or later, I'd still have to change myself.

I think I'm done writing. I'll try to write again soon. I don't know when but I'll just try. I hope it won't be as crappy as this one. Meh. Nanight.