Wednesday, August 6, 2014



Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir & Batin. :)

So it's August already! Can't believe it. Time flies so fast. I'll be in college next month. Continuing my studies, but this time in degree. I'm currently waiting for an offer in two universities that I interviewed for. They're UM and UiTM. I am absolutely torn between two but really, anything goes. I know He has planned everything oh-so well. We'll just wait and see. :) Oh, the results will be out in a week. I am so eager to continue my journey!

Although I must admit that I will truly miss home and staying here for 5 months. Oh man. Pure laziness and comfort. Sad to think that I didn't do much during the holidays. I could've done so many productive things but instead, I laid in bed and went online. Anyway, I have a month to set things right. That is, if I want to. Haha! I never really had a push or anyone telling me to do anything so yeah. I've let myself down. I have this thing where I need and want someone to tell me to do things instead of doing it myself. Someone constantly needs to be there. Zulaikha, do this. Zulaikha, do that. Zulaikha, you forgot to do this.

I know it will be a burden to have someone to actually do that. I mean, they have their own lives and then they have to take care of a nineteen year old's life too? Who in the world would bother. =_= oh man, I am such a lazy bum. I need motivation to change! Hahahah. Constant motivation. For example, David. Haha. He's doing stuffs but I have no idea when is his new music coming out or whatever. NOTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO! Haih. Hence, me not caring about anything, even my health. Zzzz.

Okay, actually I do care about myself but why should I when no one else does. Haha. I know, I like it when the world revolves around me but that's just not how it works. What am I supposed to do, actually? Get rid of this damn smartphone for a start, maybe. It's a life ruiner. Before this phone, I actually did things. Real life things such as eating and sleeping. Now I just online most of the time. Zzzz.

I need to stop writing now. Thanks for reading if you did. Dogs are barking. I hope the cats are alright. Fi hifzillah. :)

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