Saturday, August 16, 2014

fill the void, David.

There are days when I feel empty. Simply lose interest in everything. Not having a clue on what's going on in my life and just.... breathe. I sit, go online, eat or even watch the television but my mind doesn't really work. It just long for something.

At that point I realize that I miss some things or someone. In this case, it's someone. Not my family, not my friends. Someone who has been there all these while. David.

I know it's really hard to explain what I truly feel about him because I was so attached to him and wow, for nearly six years, it has always been him. David Archuleta. The thing is, I've only met him twice in two days. Countless in my dreams. Constantly in my mind. I just don't get what does this dude have that makes me love him that much.

I care about him like my own brother or baby or friend, maybe a lover. I don't know. I'm so used to having him as an inspiration to keep going in life because that's all he's ever done. Reaching out to everyone and eventually capturing our hearts. Motivating us to do better and strengthen our faith.

Of course, since he got back from his mission, there is less media and such. I accept and respect that but these days, I just miss him. I miss his news, new music, new vlogs, everything. I wasn't like this during his mission because I know that he's not there. However, now that he's home, I expect those things. Haha!

I don't know. Maybe I'm just so weird. I wonder if any of the Archangels feel this too, though. I just miss him. I pray that he will get the best thing ever in life and the Hereafter. I might not know him well but I know much to say that he deserves the best. He truly does. I am actually shaking my head thinking about this. Totally out of words. I.... am just speechless. Why David? Haha. What did he do?

Anyway, it's 4am. I should get some sleep. And David? I will always, always love you... even though I'm 'just a speck in the galaxy'.

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