Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Heheh :D Yesterday half of my class went to eat at Burger Bakar Abg Burn. It was awesome! I organized it since like, last week. I wanted the whole class to come but some had already made plans, so it's okay. I had to book the place then ask my classmates what they wanted and collect their money and go to the restaurant and book again. omg. It was so much work but it was worth it! :)

I really appreciate those who came. I mean, I'm not sure if they can see the effort I'm putting? It's like, I really want them to become a family. I want US to become a family. There may be cliques but no harm in hanging out together, right? I just... want everyone to spend time with each other and just sit and talk. They're my family now. I need to be there for them and they need to be there for me (if they want to but I hope they do). Who else am I suppose to depend on if it's not them?

Anyway, Syawal is coming soon! I really can't wait! I'm not going back to Sabah, though. This year it will be at Perlis! :D I can't wait to meet my family and relatives! It's been two months since I last saw my parents and my brothers. I've met two of my sisters though. Ohhh omg. I want to meet baby Zara too! :') I miss her so much! SHE'S GROWN. Omg. She's turning one in a month! Heehee. Plus she can walk, I think? And respond to us and stuff. Omg. I just can't wait to meet her. :') The fact that I took care of her during the early weeks she was in this world. Heh.

UGH I WISH I CAN CONTINUE TYPING BUT THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE. NOISY PEOPLE. I REALLY DISLIKE THEM. WHY CAN'T THEY BE QUIET FOR ONCE. IT'S THE LIBRARY FOR GOD'S SAKE. MANNERS PEOPLE, MANNERS. You're making me dislike your faculty and everyone in your faculty. PLEASE. I don't want to. You're making me do so. Pfffft.

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