Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the past two weeks :)


How are you all doing? :) I'm doing fine here. Hari Raya was quite boring. I met my family and relatives but other than that.... nothing. We didn't visit other relatives. We didn't play firecrackers. It was sad, for me. I thought I would enjoy it this year but no. :/ Everyone was sick, anyway. Flu, fever, cough. So the day after I got back, I got fever too. Haha. Thank God I'm fine now. :)

Last Saturday I went to Sunway Pyramid. Watched Percy Jackson. It was so cool! But I think it was so short. I kind of wish the movie was longer. Hahah. Had Sushi King too! It was so good. Been a long time since I last ate sushi. :) After that just went around Sunway then went back. GOT FEVER ALL OVER AGAIN. HAHA! The next day I was alright.

Hmm.... The other day I got stressed out. So super stressed. I CRIED. I didn't cry for a long time already. I guess I felt homesick. Haha! Also stressed about my studies. But Syira, Aida, Diya and Nurin were there for me. :') I need to stop procrastinating. Like, pronto. I need to stop doing things and just go sleep. It's so bad for me. Sooner or later, I would regret it. I need to remind myself to get 4 Flat. Popelat po Debid. Okay? Ok. Then I have some minutes to do. AAAHHH. Oh God, help me. :(

I'm actually seeing someone now. HEHEHAHA. No. =_= We just text each other like everyday. Haha! He's alright :3 But then again nothing's going on.. It's forever David. lolz.

DAVID IS COMING BACK SOOOOON!! OMG. 7 months to go! It's not a long time! Guess what, it's already AUGUST in 2013. 7 months won't be that long! Heheh. Anyway, yeah.. I should go off now. Ciaoo~~ I hope everyone is alright. Pray for me though! My studies and my health. OH MAN I NEED TO START EXERCISING!

I did the other day... From 5.40 until 7. We played squash for like, 3 minutes then jogged for 3 minutes then walked back. Turned out that the gym was open so I exercised using the cycle thingy until 7. Hahah. My thighs sore the day after. =_= But it felt so good and so awesome! I wish I can do it again! SOON. Okay I shall go now. Bye xoxo. hahah.

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