Monday, July 8, 2013

vas happenin?


How are you all doing? I still wonder though if there's even anyone reading this. Hahah! I bet there's none. =_=

Let's get straight to the point! Well college life have been quite fun. Wake up early morning, get ready for lectures, take the bus, walk and walk and walk, attend lecture, finish lecture, eat, go back to college, sleep. Hahah! Perhaps do laundry or maybe do the assignments. Lately though, I've been spending my time at Syira and Aida's room, talking about life. This is quite sad. Hahah!

So.... I like this dude but he likes another girl. HAHA. Okay. I'm fine with that but the fact that he knows and he can see the pain in my eyes just kills me. Well, that's what my friend said. Maybe I'm not acting good enough. Maybe I should just start ignoring it. Maybe I should like the person I liked waaaay before this. The dude who has swag. HAHA. I mean poyo, in a good way (??). Oh man, I shouldn't be bothering about this. I'm here to study, right? To get 4 Flat. #4Flat4David.

I'm not sure if some people understand what #4Flat4David means. Well, it's like, if I get 4 Flat, people around me would be happy. Plus David would be back by then. Which means there might be a welcome home celebration or maybe his first concert after the hiatus or maybe he'll come here. Or maybe I should go to him. Whatever it is, I want to go. I want to go. To me, 4 Flat is my chance to meet David again. So I need to focus. I know I'm not that rich like some people who met him like a million times. SO THIS IS MY TICKET TO MEET HIM AGAIN.

4 Flat 4 David.


Anyway so today I played frisbee and squash with Aida, Syira, Afiq and Shafiq. It was so much fun! hahah! I was reluctant to do it at first but I played! heheh :) I want to do it again! :D I'm not sure when but it will happen! Maybe with different group of people? Idk. EXERCISE ZU, EXERCISE!!!! :D

Exercise your body. Exercise your mind. Exercise your faith. You can do this!! It's not that hard! You just have to believe and pray. :) It's almost 1.30am by the way. Hahah! Ohmyyy. I hope I'll make it tomorrow! Suddenly hungry =_= Anyway, yeah... good night! :) Wish me luck for everything!


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