Sunday, June 23, 2013

UiTM Shah Alam


I am online. I am here. Blogging. hahahah. So...

UiTM Shah Alam, Selangor. Been here for three weeks. I'm living at Kolej Mawar heheheh. First week in.... well, we had orientation. They call it Minggu Destini Siswa. It was hectic and so super controlled like PLKN. The seniors guide us, told us about UiTM, what to do, the registration, all the documents and stuff. It was so tiring! Had only two hours of sleep each day for a week. Hahah! But really, the abangsss and kakaksss are so awesome although we were scold for so. many. times. HAHA! But I guess we all still love each other :)

So, first week of lecture! Ohh man. Let's start on the previous Friday. We went to our own faculties and mine (TESL) is at INTEC. It was so cool hahah. We had a placement test which we were totally unprepared for. SHOCKAAHH. So yeah, I tried my best and.... yep. Monday we had several talks about the courses we're going to take and the ground rules of being in INTEC. Actually the Faculty of Education students study there. So... yeah. Tuesday we got to know our classes. There are 5 classes in total and I'm in Group E. I felt so super dumb at first but who cares, after two weeks, we all bonded like a real family. :') AHH I LOVE GROUP E!!!

Anyway, the lecturers. The lecturers are fine.... some are funny, some are making me nervous. Haha! Nonetheless, they're still awesome. I hope I'll get along with them and maybe learn more things from them. I NEED TO GET FOUR FLAT!!!! :D

Okay moving on..... I had to wash clothes by hand omg. I wash them twice a week I think? Haha. But really, it's so tiring. I would send to the dobi(???) but it would cost a lot. Ohhh regarding food. Oh man, everything is here but I really have to control my spending. I think I spent about RM10 a day for the first two weeks but after that I start spending about RM5 a day. How, you may ask? Well, I just eat biscuits I bought earlier in the week and eat them for breakfast or dinner. Hahah! I really gotta save, I tell you! Plus the books are SO EXPENSIVE. Imagine like, a normal workbook like the one you had in high school costs RM33. WHat WHAT WHAT. HAHAHAHAH.

OK. So umm.. So many things I want to write! Hahah! Umm... second weekend here, I went to MidValley and SOGO with Mahirah and Mariam :D Then the next weekend, I went to Paradigm Mall with both of my sisters to see Kim Jong Kook lol. Third weekend, which is this week, I went to McD with Afiq to do assignment then I went to Carnivale play. It was so cool! The actors/actresses were so talented! I hope to be like them someday ;)

What else...... ahahahah. ASSIGNMENTS. Oh man.. there's so many of them. Lol. I'm supposed to be doing few right now but you know.. let's just rest for a bit. heheh. I hope everything will work out along the way, Insya Allah! Ahh why do I type so fast. All the points and main points are everywhere. Haha! How am I supposed to be good in College Writing then?!?! It's okay, still learning. XD

Okay, I shall stop now. Might update every week? We'll see :) Ohhh btw I still miss David. OMG EVERYONE IN MY CLASS KNOWS I LOVE DAVID NOW LIKE WHATTT. Even the lecturer, Mr Adlan. Haha! Ohh well!!! :3

Btw I love my roommates. Hanis from Perak, Suraya from Kelantan and Syarifah from Terengganu. Then there's me, Zulaikha from Sabah. Isn't that cool? We're from everyywhereeee. Haha! Btw there's this adorable dude HAHAHAH Idk why does he exist like, seriously. =_= But he's not in my class so that's fine haha! I'll just let him be!! Gotta focus on #4Flat4David haha! OK. OK.

Bye xoxoxoxo. :3 Wish me luck for the whole upcoming one year! Pray for me. :)

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