Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Step. forward :)

Ah, yes... well the time has come for another post. This is an important thing for me. It's probably important for everyone else too. Eh Idk why does it matter anyway HAHA.

So yeah, I'm leaving early morning tomorrow to Kuala Lumpur. For what? To continue my studies! I got accepted into TESL Foundation at UiTM Shah Alam. I'm so thankful for that! Mainly because if I didn't get this, I'd have to go to Matriculation which I really, really, don't like. No more science for me, thanks.

Also, it means I passed my interview! heheh! Who would've thought?! I really made myself think that, oh, I'm not going to get picked because I sang David's song and I talked too fast and the written test was shizzy. BUT NOOO~~ I GOT PICKED!!! HAHAHA. Thank youuu, interviewers! It really means a lot!

Anyway, I am really, really nervous about this. What if I screw up?! I mean... meeting a whole new different people, in a place so different from what I'm used to. I'd have to be independent. Gah, that's what scares me most. Not forgetting being apart from my family and close friends. :( Ohh, and the internet too. I've been on here for like, 10 hours each day, maybe? Soon it'll be just 5 minutes a day. Oh man, Idk if I can handle this. Well I hope I can! OHHH!! Another thing! I also want to improve on my faith! This is the most important part of being away, is that I can focus on this without other distractions. LOSE WEIGHT TOO. I hope so, please, please. I just want to be healthy!

There's so many things to write about! Haha! Besides all that, I get to be closer to my relatives! heheh :D And my PLKN friends. weehoo~~ OMGGG. One Direction concert and Demi Lovato's. Yep, the only ones I'd go to. Also David's obviously but he's coming back in 10 months so... yeah. Heeheee :)

GOOD FOOD. Yess. Ok I shall leave that there. hahahahah.

I AM LEAVING VERY EXTREMELY SOON. This will probably be my last blog entry for.... I'm not sure how long.

Anyway, wish me luck please! And pray for me! It'll be much appreciated! :) Always smile and be positive!! :D

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