Friday, September 26, 2014

Minggu Keluarga Bestari 2014/2015


How are you doing? I hope you're fine and dandy.

Life in UM has been amazing. It did get tiring but most of the time, everything seems so much fun. Last week, we had Minggu Keluarga Bestari or MKB. I'm in Fire Nation. My 'papa' is Sufi while my 'mama' is Deqla. I also have Kak Long, Kak Ngah and Kak Cik as well as 'brothers'.

For the first night, we had an introduction about MKB, the projects they're going to hold as well as a q&a session with the college's administration. After the event was over, we gathered with our families, mine being Fire Nation. They briefed us about some things and we learnt cheers.

Second night, we had academic night. The games held were debat kakyah, alih suara, snake and ladder and... I don't remember what else. It was very entertaining to see them play the games and I laughed so hard. Oh, that evening, I had to play volleyball for my family because we didn't have enough players. Ended up winning so we headed to the finals on Saturday.

On the third day, I was supposed to play futsal but I didn't because I had to practice for arts night (?). Azfar, Adlina, Mukhlis, Amirul, Yong and I practiced the Aci, Aci, Buka Pintu by P. Ramlee. It was extremely tiring but we had so much fun! We prepared the props and our family members did too. That night, we got ready and we were so eager to perform. Well, at least I was. The moment when they saw Mukhlis acted as Aci, a female character, they cheered and everyone were laughing their asses off. Other performances that night were singing, parody and xfactor. They were very entertaining but sadly, I only watched like, a few because I was busy preparing in the seminar room.

Finally, the last night. OHHH wait. That morning there were aerobic and sukaneka as well as finals for the sports. I didn't join the aerobic and the run. I woke up late because it was raining and sleeping in felt so good. I did go down to support and play sukaneka. I played this game where we had to use a sponge to absorb water(obviously) and transfer it into a water bottle. We all got wet. Haha! But it was so fun and intense. I think we got last. Oh wells. I'll just skip until volleyball. Well, we didn't play much. Dayang and Aini played the most. Why? They kept giving service but the opponent we so weak, the ball was never passed around. So, Alhamdulillah, we won!

Okay, moving on.... that night was fun. I KEEP USING THE WORD 'FUN'!! My vocabulary sucks. In sha Allah, I'll improve. Okay, let's move on to the prize giving session. We, the Fire Nation, won.... volleyball for both male and female, futsal for female, best cheer, most uniformed family for each night, singing, xfactor (me hehe) aaaaaand.... I'm not sure what else. Haha! Alhamdulillah. I think we got about 6 hampers! Haha. Ohh, Papa Sufi won 9th for the running event while Peah got.... I don't remember but top 10. :D

All in all, MKB was so much fun. I am so grateful to be put into this college because since day one, it had been really welcoming, warm and Idk. I'm running out of adjectives to use. The seniors are very sporting and friendly. I don't know. I just love it here. I'm grateful to have a bunch of great friends too. I would totally be lost if they were not here. Nadiah, Izzah, Ereen, Adlina, Azfar, Eleena, Munirah, Ikha. So, so, so blessed and grateful. The PMs are great too. Hazel, Gra, Sufi, Afiq..... erm they're the ones I'm kind of close to right now. Haha! Closest would be Hazel and Sufi. :) Ohhh! Faiz is quite alright too. Gahhh I just love them.

Alright, this is the end of this post. Haha! It's five minutes to eleven. Okay, nanight. Thanks for reading this whole thing, if you did. Fi hifzillah.


(next post might be about college life? Idk)

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