Friday, December 26, 2014

bored. (procrastination actually)


WHY AM I HERE AGAIN? Hahah! To procrastinate of course... finals starts this Monday (29th) until 14th with tons of gaps. Five papers to sit. Hah. Wish me luck. I didn't study much. I wish I did and will do. Omg. It's just so hard. Yes, all the sins I did is making the knowledge hard to be absorbed like what am I even saying right now. Currently listening to Taylor Swift's 1989. It's a really, really good album. I like it maybe mostly because of the lyrics that I can relate to as well as her voice and simply the music. Woohoo.

I am in love with her songs. I'm supposed to be studying Ethnic Relation. Lol. So much to read but I just @_@ because it's in Malay. I mean, yes, I do understand them but the sentences are sometimes tangled up like Idek you'd have to read them over and over again to fully grasp the meaning. But I guess it's just my weakness. I mean, as a Malaysian, I should probably understand it the first time I read it but noooo. Or maybe I'm not focused enough. Haih I know my grammar is all messed up now. I don't even care anymore. Actually I do and still care but WATUDU. ~_~

I'm actually waiting for someone to whatsapp me. I was gonna order KFC but Idk when is that person gonna whatsapp me. ~_~  I WANT MY FOOD. Lel. What am I even doing. I've been in my room for three days straight. I mean, I did go out for lunch and dinner but other than that, I'm basically on my bed either sleeping, on the laptop, 'reading' or on my phone. Zzzzz. I miss David. :( I miss my family. Actually I don't but maybe I do. Idek. Idk what do I really feel about my family. Lol but what I know is that I really, really love them. 

Omg I just touched my chin and I have double chin it's so ugly and fat ergh. It's just there like blegh bleh hai I exist lel. fat zulaikha is fat. ok I am not fat but I carry more fats than I should. happy?! no. obviously I'm not happy lol but to those who say that "zulaikha you're not fat", well, I carry excessive fats, that's all. Okbye. Take care. wish me luck for my finals. I need to get really, really good pointers. In sha Allah. Also pray for the victims of flood in Malaysia. Yes, it's really bad. In sha Allah everything will be alright. He has His plannings. Look forward.


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