Tuesday, July 15, 2014

write a post, will you?


Felt like writing today! We're halfway through Ramadhan and I am grateful that everything went well this month. Well, sort of everything. Let's put that aside, shall we?

To be honest, I'm not sure what to write about so I asked a couple of my friends on Whatsapp. They're Ereen and Naqib. They're just such random people. I mean, if any two of us chat with like, less than 100 messages, the other won't get mad. Well, I hope so anyway. I don't mind them talking cuz all they touch about are random topics that last for 5 minutes with about 8 messages. I don't know. They're very funny at times too. It's a weird combination though, the three of us. One is a serious guy with all those wise thoughts and lovable annoying puns. Another is a random girl who seems indifferent but says the best things at times. And then there's me who talk about the stupidest things with the lamest replies ever. Odd. Truly an odd combination.

Anyway, yeah. I told them that I wanted to write something on here but I have no idea what. Aaand so the wise guy told me to write about struggling to find a topic to write about. Haha! I guess here it goes?

First of all, when writing something, you really need a topic. Something, anything to write about. The main idea. At times there are so many things to write about like how your day went, your favourite things that month, a story about your cat journey (you know what, I shall write about this someday), music, religion, people, passion, basically anything! So when you've picked a topic, you will need..... no. Before that there's one super duper important step.

It's finding your mood. Yep. I like to write when I have the mood. When I don't? Please don't expect me to sit in front of the laptop or desktop or sitting on my bed with my phone in my hands, typing away. I'd die. However, at this moment, I'm comfortably sitting on my bed, listening to good music and yeah. I just suddenly have the mood to write! Haha. It just comes. Lately it doesn't happen that often but I'm glad the time came because I absolutely miss writing. (Why do I keep using writing or typing. This is a bad example of inconsistency. Be consistent when you're writing. Or typing.)

Okay, moving on.... what was it that I was going to write about? Haha! Okay.. mood, topic... well that's basically it. I mean, yes, you do need those elaborations and stuff but when I, I repeat, I as in me, write, I tend to let it flow. I don't think of some structure. I just go with it. Like what I'm doing now. Heheh. Sometimes I think, should I write a long post or a short post? Lately I've been loving writing a long one just because I wanted it to look so sophisticated when all there are in these paragraphs are random, childish thoughts of mine.

Hmm. I tend to ramble too. Ehe. Anyway. I guess that's it. Mood. Topic. Let it flow. It doesn't matter if you feel like whatever you're writing are crappy because those are your thoughts! Your opinions on things! It might not matter to most people but what matters most is how you felt when you were writing what you wrote, how passionate you were. Your own 'baby'. :') and I'm going all weird now. Okay. I guess I shall stop here.

Thank you so much for reading, if you did. I hope you enjoyed this little post and it helped you to understand how to start writing a post. (In my own opinion and view anyway.) May God bless you all!

Fi hifzillah. 
Assalamualaikum. :)

(I think my aim of writing about the struggle to write failed. I wrote about overcoming it instead. That's a better topic, no? :))

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