Saturday, April 25, 2015

it's currently raining. (I don't know what to put as a title)


It's the 25th of April 2015. A lot of things happened since I last wrote on here.

Firstly, FESENI. I joined Boria and we got 2nd place! Alhamdulillah. FESENI was held like, Idk for two separate weeks but yeah, I went to watch for four nights. Haha! It was a nice experience, looking at how everyone worked so hard and then performed their best. Congratulations to those who won and I look forward to FESENI next year! Hehe.

Later, I had so many things to do, assignments and presentations. Alhamdulillah everything went well. :) Oh, we even did field trip to Muzium Negara and Petrosains where we discover the technology revolution and stuff. It's quite interesting and I'm grateful that my groupmates were all cooperative of each other. We presented our video yesterday and I think everyone liked it? Hope so. It was all because of Nadiah's skillful editing. *coughfutureJTKTeknikalcough*

Moving on..... oh! I had to attend an interview to become the college's PM. I swear I had to really think it through. Some said yes, some said no, just because I was really doubtful of myself. But I just went anyway because it was just an interview, I still don't know if I would be accepted. But I got it! However those who passed the interview had to go to a camp. It was Kem Biro Tatanegara or Idk BTN or something at Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

The camp was truly a wonderful experience. But it was only for three days and two nights. I made new friends and gahhh I somehow miss them already! Haha! During the last night, we had to do some jungle trekking and oh boy, it was tough. It was my first time going into the woods at night. I've been into a jungle before during PLKN but it was kind of easy, I think? Plus it was during the day. But at the camp, it was dark and Idk. I'm so grateful my teammates were all cooperating. They were even patient with me. I hope so. Haha. Anyway, the experience was unforgettable.

What else....? Oh, I went home for four days cuz I got homesick. That sucked, you know? I never missed home that much. But that one week was really tough. I was too lazy and I was dazed all the time. I couldn't really focus talking to my friends and I just.... I felt lost. But thank God I found myself already. I must say, I still miss home but there's nothing you can do but pray. I'm here for a reason. I'm here to study. I'm here to develop myself into a better person, in sha Allah.

Okay, enough rambling. I think I shall stop here. Thanks for reading, if you did. Hehe.


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