Sunday, March 1, 2015



How are you all doing? It's the first of March! Wow! I thought it was still February. haha. Anyway, the reason I'm blogging is to talk about Karviter.

Karviter UM is Karnival Teater Universiti Malaya. The competition is inter-college and well, I joined to represent my college! It started with an audition. I thought they needed some dancers so I decided to go for the audition but it turned out that they need someone who can act, sing and dance. =_= Since I've written my name, I had to go and do the whole thing. Dancing and acting was alright I guess but then they told me to sing. I decided to sing Taylor Swift's 22. Haha!

Later, they announced who got through and most of the people auditioned got in. I'm glad because my coursemates were accepted too. Anyway, fast forward to early February. We had a 'perkampungan' where it's a semester break but we stay in college to practice and stuff. I was totally not into it because I felt like I didn't belong. I felt like I was useless among all the actors and crew. However, a good friend of mine kept reminding me that it'll be alright and I should do it willingly and so I did.

Surprisingly, the whole three weeks of training was something I didn't expect I would get attached to. We had to do morning fitness and vocal training which were a bore but at times they were exciting. I mean, repeating the same thing everyday was so boring. But I'm glad that we all pulled through. Acting wise, it was fun because we had an amazing director. Other than that, the production crew were so caring and gosh, I admire their hard work. I can say that everyone worked hard to pull off the musical theatre.

I can say that I miss everyone so much now. I miss having the college to ourselves. I miss repeating the same thing everyday. Haha. I miss waking up and forcing myself to go for a jog. I miss owning the hall. I miss every single meal I had with the team. I miss acting, singing, projecting my voice with the others. I miss going insane in the middle of the night with them. I miss talking to my roommate late night. I miss everyone and every single moment we spent together. Gaaahhhhh.

OH RIGHT. Our show, MIMPI was on the 24th of February at the Experimental Theatre UM. We arrived there early morning and basically spent the whole day there. It was fun exploring the place, going into the dressing room and such. We did our best for the show and the feedback we got was overwhelming. Some said we need more polish but you know what, all of us were acting for the first time and we had to training before so I guess what we did was pretty good. Some cried, some shed tears while others tried their best to act tough. Haha. I'm glad that the message went through.

Anyway, yeah. I miss Karviter. The results will be out in a week, I guess? Every college will get a day so basically 12 nights of free theatre for everyone to watch. :D Umm right. Lasykartistik Empire Production, I look up to you guys. :) In sha Allah I'll join again next year. Next up, Boria for FESENI. Also.... UMCares. But I still need to focus on my studies! I can't slack off. In sha Allah everything will be alright. :)

Thanks for reading. Kahkahkah. Fi hifzillah.

"Jangan pernah berhenti berMIMPI."

"Bila Tuhan kehendaki, kita akan berjumpa lagi."


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