Friday, November 1, 2013

social media

September 2007. YouTube.
October 2007. Blogger.
November 2008. Facebook.
April 2009. Twitter.
October 2010. Tumblr.

Suddenly intrigued to get to know about these stuff. Everything started when I got to know Dafi. He was the reason I joined YouTube and Blogger. Facebook was my own interest. Twitter? David. After that, Tumblr was just influence from the internet. Heheh. Random post lol.

I didn't properly announce what did I get for my first semester..... well....

I GOT 3.5!!!!

Sort of proud of myself. I know I could get higher. It's just that I'm too lazy. HAHA. I wish I wasn't this lazy. Or else I could've been in UK right now. Hmm. Things happen for a reason though. Allah has planned everything. :D Alright, just feel so happy and giddy and excited today. Hehe. It's November, by the way! Cool. :) Ciao. xoxo 

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