Monday, November 11, 2013


I've been wanting to post here but I have no idea about what.

Let's see. Some things have been quite complicated for me. Things I can't avoid. Things that I know will happen sooner or later, also in the future. Sometimes I feel like some things aren't that worth of my attention but it is always there. Not leaving my mind, even for a second. I've been trying to keep my head up and brace this thing. It really is quite hard for me and also the people affected, but we try our best to sort things out. Maybe it's just the distance, so I know that when we meet again, everything will be alright. It was just a matter of time and space.

Anyway, I just hope that things will get better in time. I know it will. Nothing is needed but love, trust and attention. Although I must say that sometimes, each of us need our own space to think. I know there's a reason why we've been put together all these while. It's a message sent from above. I have no idea what is the real meaning of all of this but I know it can develop me into a better person. Not just me, also the ones involved.

I guess. That is all? I hope things will clear up soon. I honestly have never felt this way before and when I do, I'm totally clueless about it. In sha Allah things will work out.


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