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You can say that Holly is a very cheerful person. Everyday when she step into the school compound, a huge smile etched on her pretty face. Everyone loved her like their own sibling or daughter. No one except her best friend, Jasmine knew about the dark life.

Holly's father, Jason, was an alcoholic. He would use all the money he earned to gamble and drink. He often got home drunk and beat Holly. Her mother was defenseless. She have been suffering from cancer. Everyday Holly would cry like there's no tomorrow and then act happy in front of her friends and teachers in school.

She did not want people to know about her life at home as she felt very much ashamed. She was afraid that she would get isolated in her misery. She felt like she was the epitome of despair. Her friend, Jasmine was the only one who stood by her as Holly only shared her deepest and darkest secret to Jasmine.

Despite having a rough life, Holly would live each day to the fullest and stood by Jasmine too. Jasmine also had a very tough life as her father passed away because of stroke. The pain was inevitable but they managed to get through it together.

One fine Tuesday, Jasmine was elected as the head cheerleader of her school and Josh, the school's best football player befriended Jasmine. As the days passed by, Jasmine had been spending more time with Josh and leaving Holly alone. Holly felt isolated and confronted Jasmine.

Being caught up with her popularity, Jasmine ignored Holly and they were starting to be apart. Josh who was a writer in the school's newsletter wanted to write about a sad reality of the people in school and tried to help them get through it. After a week, the newsletter was selling like hotcakes. Everyone whispered to each other each time Holly passed by them. She ran as fast as lightning to buy the newsletter and realised that it was her face on the front page.

The title said, "Inside Holly the Happy Girl : A Dark Life." She stomped her way to Jasmine and threw the newsletter onto Jasmine's face.

"How could you do this to me? I trusted you! It was my biggest secret and you blew it all to the whole school!" she burst out, crying in agony.

"I am so sorry, Holly. It was for Josh. He wanted to write an inspiring story about your life and how you overcome all the things that happened in your life," Jasmine explained with only a tinge of sympathy and regret.

"I should have never trusted you. You were all I have and lately you've been nowhere near me. I was devastated and you're doing this to me? What are you?" Holly continued, gasping for air.

"Holly, I am so sorry," was all Jasmine could say before Holly made her way to the toilet. People were staring and whispering as it a soap opera was airing on their televisions.

Several days later, Jasmine knelt down on a bed of roses and cried her heart out. She had the trust of Holly and she just violated it. She learnt to hold on to people's trust and never again repeat her actions.

"Rest in peace, my dear friend. I still love you. Trust me," she said and went back home. Holly had a car accident and was confirmed dead after few hours of the tragedy.


That is all! I know it's quite short but I really love writing them! I'm very proud with I've written. Haha! I hope you enjoyed all the five essays I wrote although some of them are quite.... different. Anyway, really, thanks for reading! Truly appreciate it! :) Take care!

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