Tuesday, October 29, 2013

just a long one

Assalamualaikum! :)

How are you all doing? I'm not sure why am I writing here. Hahah! I guess out of boredom. Hmm. It's the 29th of October. I heard that the results for first semester is coming out on the 1st of November. Well, being me, I get so super excited to know about my results. I have no idea why. I think I just have this weird overconfidence thing where, I think I did great and get excited to know what I achieved. However, it turns out bad or average. Haha! Well, what can I do? I'm still so excited for my results. I just hope that I can get as near to 4 Flat as possible. :)

What am I doing to talk about next? Probably about my faith. So after PLKN, I really learnt a lot more about my religion and then I kind of neglect it. Then came UiTM, where I really had to learn everything by myself. I mean, my friends were there but it was really up to me to change myself. So I did. I tried to do my religious duties as.... perfect? as I can. I must say, I'm pretty much proud of myself. How far I've gotten since after PLKN. I am grateful and I feel so blessed. I thank Allah for guiding me, showing me the light. He made sure I am back on track. Also, the people I mix around with. They're always there to help me. I am really thankful for that. These people, I'm sure, will be blessed. Not forgetting someone special. Well, let's just say that this person kept me, and still do keep me grounded. This person always check up on me from time to time, making sure that I'm still on the right path. In the future, I hope, it will be this person's duty to do so, and knowing that this person is doing it right now makes me happy. This person has always told me to change, to become a better person and I'm trying my best to do that.

Next is... about.... MUET speaking test. Oh man, it was so amazing. I don't want to be overconfident, like I said earlier, but I just am! It was so much fun. I was Candidate A. B was a dude who took engineering I think? C was this beautiful lady who was already working and D was this man, I'm not sure, I think he was in the military or something Idek. So yeah, I was the youngest one in my group and probably in the whole session that morning. Haha! So I kind of helped my group mates. Since I've had experience in doing this speaking test, I kept the group discussion going. I knew we needed to get to 10 minutes and I kind of talked about all the points given. Finally, we all agreed to one point. The most meaningful way to spend your first month's salary is to.... give them to your parents. :D I was so happy because that's the only thing that I could come up with. Also, after the interview, the examiner asked where I studied and I said UiTM Shah Alam, taking TESL. Oh God. I don't know if I should've said that. =_= they might get high expectations on me. Haha! One of the examiner, Miss Georgina, I think, she said that I MIGHTMIGHTMIGHTMIGHT get Band 5. :') That was the biggest compliment ever! Why not Band 6 though? Lol. ONE MORE THING! Candidate D said to me, after the whole thing... he said, "nasib baik ada ko dalam group kami!" Haha! :') I was so happy! Still am! I hope I didn't monopoly the whole discussion though.

Woohoo! I suddenly have more to talk about. Haha! So I bought Demi Lovato's 'new' album, DEMI. Been listening to it and at one point, I spin it 6 times in a row. Haha! I pretty much memorize it by now. So happy :') I can almost relate to some of the songs. Other songs just make me want to move around and just dance like mad! Her UNBROKEN album made me dance a lot, and for this album, I do it a lot too. Heee~ I just feel free now that I'm not in college. I can sing her songs, cry to it, feel it, dance with it, and just enjoy! Haha. Some of my favourite songs are, Heart Attack, Made In The USA, Without The Love, Two Pieces, Something That We're Not, Nightingale, Warrior, Shouldn't Come Back. Okay, that's eight out of 13. Hahah! Her album is just so awesome! :) Ooooh, One Direction's Midnight Memories will come out soon too! Ahh, so much money to waste! David is coming back in 5 months! Whoop whoop!! :D

Do you realize how long this blog post is? It's SUPER LONG. I don't even know if anyone reads it. Hahah! If you do, well, please comment below! Please, please, please. Oh God, as if anyone's reading this. =_= Anyway, I shall end this post here. I might update again like, whenever I have any more stories to share. :) Take care! Remember to always work on your faith, even though you think that you're already good, improve. Be better, become the best. :) Always smile too! Hahah! :) xoxo.


Susan Raymond Tombung said...

I'm reading everything just so you know ;)

zulaikha said...

omg this is kind of scary HAHA