Sunday, October 27, 2013

blinded by anger

Blinded by Anger

"Are you okay?" he asked her with full of anxiety.

"Oh, I'm fine.. it's just.." she tried to explain but the thought if it made her feel sadder and she could not bear with the news.

"It's okay, you can tell me when you're ready," he said.

"Actually my boyfriend passed away a week ago," she said, sobbing.

It was now clear why she had been avoiding Joseph. He tried to call her but she ignored it. He went to her apartment but she did not open the door. Carey had been avoiding any contacts since her boyfriend, Ernie died. Why? Why did she let him go? She should've went instead, not Ernie. She should've been the one who died.

"Oh my gosh.. I am so sorry, Carey. I didn't know. I'm so, so sorry," said Joseph. He had been friends with Carey since kindergarten and he had a crush on her but she never knew.

"Oh, it's okay. I'm sorry for not telling you earlier," she said.

"No, it's okay. Do you wanna grab some ice-cream? Maybe we could talk for a bit at the park," Joseph suggested and Carey agreed.

At around 4pm, they met at the park and bought chocolate and peppermint ice-cream. It was autumn and the leaves were everywhere. So they sat on a bench and talked. Somehow Joseph looked nervous but Carey was afraid to ask.

"You know, that night.. on Saturday. Your place was raining heavily, right?" he asked.

"Yeah, how did you know? That was when Ernie's car brake was not functioning. It still scares me. I should've been the one who drove the car," Carey said as she licked her ice-cream.

"Carey, do you know that I love you?"

"Yeah, of course I do. I love you too and you know that."

"No, I really do love you. I'd do anything to have you."

"What do you mean?"

"Carey, I liked you since kindergarten. I love you but you never noticed me. Of all guys, you chose Ernie. Why? Why, Carey?"

"What do you -" Carey was interrupted by a hug Joseph just gave her.

"Carey, let's just run away from here. Forget everything that happened here. We could have a happy family and I am going to work under my friend's company," he whispered to her ears and hoping that she would agree.

Carey released herself from Joseph and held his hand. She did not know what to say. This was so sudden and she was curious. What did Joseph said earlier? Was he jealous of Ernie? What did he meant by 'I'd do anything to have you'? How did he know it was raining heavily at her place?

"Joseph. Tell me everything. How did you know my place was raining on that night? Did you happen to be there?" she asked full of anger.

"Yes, I was there," he said.

"What were you doing there? I thought you had a family dinner to attend to," she said.

"I lied. I went to your house. I wanted to bring you on a special dinner but I saw his car. I saw you two kissing. I was angry. Do you know how hurt I was? So I went to his car and....."

--- I stopped writing. haha! What do you think happened? :)---

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