Sunday, October 27, 2013

Missing Mia

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Browsed through my old stuff and I sound few essays I wrote for my school exams and during the time I was bored waiting for the exam to be over. Haha! I loved writing, still love it but I have no inspiration lately. Hm. I just wanted to share some of the essays I wrote. :)

Missing Mia

The strong smell of salt water and the feels of tiny beads of sand on Mia Elyana's feet made her feel calm. It was a family vacation she was having with her father, Encik Kamal, her sisters, Nia Elisa and Lia Erika and her brothers, Asyraf and Andy. They were in Pulau Pinang as it was the end of school term holiday.

After three nights staying at the Pearl of the Orient, they took a ferry to Butterworth. However, they made sure that they perform their religious duties, that is praying five times a day. On the ferry, Mia took pictures along with Nia and Lia. Asyraf and Andy on the other hand, simply sat on the bench, enjoying the picturesque view of Pulau Pinang and the magnificent bridge.

Upon arriving at Butterworth, they decided to take a train to Kuala Lumpur. Mia and Lia had a fight on who was going to sit near the window and Lia ended up getting the seat. Feeling as angry (as a bird. lol.) as ever, Mia stepped out of the train. Her father shouted for her to hop on but she refused. Little did they know that the train's door would close in seconds.

Off the train went, gathering speed and leaving Mia on the platform. Her eyes bulged out for the sockets and in a couple minutes, she stood there, her eyes teary. She did not know what to do. She just made the biggest mistake of her life.

"Mom? Where are you mom? Help me.. I am scared," she whispered. A soft wind blew and she turned to her right. There, on the old yellowish wall, a sign that said, 'When in doubt, pray.' Mia went straight to the praying room and started praying. She was feeling remorse. She was the elder sister, she should have just dealt with not sitting near the window but now she rue it.

Mia then went to the information counter but no one was there as it was midnight. She decided to go to a police station but she was afraid. What if they laugh at her? What is she get lost? What is she get kidnapped? Finally she made her mind of staying in the praying room. The room had a nice blue carpet and some shelves to keep the praying mat.

After a couple hours, someone familiar came in the room, looking sad. Her eyes were puffy and her nose running.

"Lia?!" Mia half shouted.
"Oh, Mia! Mia! You are here! I thought.. I thought something bad happened to you. Oh, Mia, I am so sorry," Lia said, sobbing.
"Oh, no. I am sorry. I should have just let you sit there. Where are dad and the others?" Mia asked, hugging Lia tightly.
"They are just outside, come on," Lia led Mia to a bench where everyone was waiting, looking worried.

In a matter of seconds, their eyes lit up. Everyone went to hug Mia and teased her of hopping down the train. She looked up and thanked her mother and God.

"You know what, dad? I think mom helped me, and you too. I am so glad we are finally together again. God's work has its wonders," she said to her father.
"Well, your mom once said that nothing else brings happiness than having your loved ones near and having an unshakable faith," he replied, smiling.

Off they went, continuing their vacation. It brought them to such joy and it was definitely one of the vacation they would never, ever forget.

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