Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TESL interview :) [I'm not selected yet, this is just to keep track of my life. heh]

SO. It's been 18 months since I last wrote a blog. This is exciting. I guess my writing's sort of improved? HAHA. sehh. :p Anyway, I'm here to talk about my TESL Interview for UiTM.

To be honest, I was quite nervous about this and I really don't know why. Usually I'd be confident in things but that day, my hands were feeling cold. Hahah. Probably because I was hibernating for the past month, before the interview.

Anyway, so it took place at UiTM Sabah. Saturday. 27 April 2013. 2PM. I was so glad it was in the evening because I've been staying up until 4am almost everyday. HAHA. Ok. Really moving on.

First there was an exam. Two sections, comprehension and essay writing. The topic for comprehension was desertification. I honestly couldn't get the words into my head. Like, I'd read but the message doesn't go through. WHYYY. Idk so I spent quite a lot of time doing that. Next was essay. They asked us to write an essay about 'how you demonstrate your leadership skills in and out of school.'

Being me, I love to write, so I wrote about 300++ words but they only asked for 250. I couldn't help it. Hahah. OK SO MY INTERVIEW WAS LIKE, AT 5.45PM OR SOMETHING. Late, I know. There were 20 of us, and... each interview took about 10 minutes or less/more?? Plus the exam ended at 3.15 so yeah.

My interview went like this......... (red is the interviewers and normal white is me)

*walks into room and shakes hand*
Hi. (shouldn't said good evening or whatever asdklashd)

Hi, welcome. Take a seat.
*puts important certificates and thingsss*
So, tell us about yourself.
Well, my name is Nur Zulaikha, I was born on 5th October 1995. I... my primary school was SK St. Francis Convent. After that I went to SM St. Francis Convent but before I even started Form 1, I moved to SM All Saints.... ...... My interests are... I like to read books and go online.
Yeah, like on Twitter, Facebook..
So, you said you like to read, can you tell us about the current issue that you know?
Well, I know about the Boston bombing.. I heard three people were killed.
blahblah.idk. So, you were in all girls school and then went to a mix school. How did you feel?
Well, it was weird at first, having boys around me, left and right. blahhhhahahaha
Right.. You know what is TESL, right?
Yeah, Teaching English as Second Language.
Now who would you prefer to teach, kids or teenagers like yourself?
Well, I prefer to abskdlasjda.
Okay, okay *whispers to co-interviewer(??)* Alright, thank you. Is there anything you would like to share? Anything you've prepared for us?
Well, there's one thing... I want to talk about my favourite person.
Ohh, your favourite person.. Go on..
Well, actually my favourite artist..
Ohhh, favourite artist.. tell us about it..
Well, my favourite artist is David Archuleta. He was born on 28th December 1990.... I think I've been a fan of him for about 4 years already..
Can you sing us a chorus?
(ofwhat.) Umm yeah sure.. *sings S'BL*
Whoaa alright then, thank you.
Thank you! Bye *shakes hand* Have a nice day!
Have a nice day too!

YEP. I just wrote that longass interview of mine. HAHAHAHA. By the way, it's just rough remembrance. Ha. ha. BUT I DID SING SBL OMGOMOGMOGDHFJKLASD. Anyway, they'll tell us the results in three months time, after three months, if I'm not called, then..... I don't get it.

Anyway... I'm going to matriculation on May 19th. OMG. I can't believe this. I mean, this is all too soon. I'm not ready yet. Plus I still need to online moreeee. HAHAHA. Oh, I got KML, btw :D

Ngeh, I feel like writing another post just to talk about everything else. I shall do it. Soon. :D


Susan Raymond Tombung said...

That was a funny interview haha!

zulaikha said...

astaga sejak bila ko comment ni HAHAHAHA omg.