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26 July 2011. David Archuleta.

Here's some of the pictures I took during the concert, followed by my recap. :)

26 July 2011. 8PM. Stadium Negara.

David Archuleta Live in Malaysia.

Exactly a week ago.

My sister sent me to KLCC and I met Hanna, Sal, Weiyan, June, Mai, Jeff and Zaren there. Had lunch at Madam Kwan's but Mai, Jeff and Zaren went shopping instead. Lol. We went around the mall and then we're in a Sony Centre or something.

The computer was playing a song on YouTube and sneaky ninja Weiyan searched for SBL and played that instead. Lol. The guard saw but who cares? So I turned up the volume and we just watched. Hahah. After that we went to another shop and then went back to the same shop but it was another dude's song instead =_= Then Hanna and I changed to SBL again. *trollface*

Sooo, at around 3.30pm, Hanna's mom sent us to Stadium Negara. The jam was soooo long so her mom stopped somewhere and we walked. It wasn't that far, though. It was almost soundcheck so Hanna, Weiyan and June walked super fast. Sal and I were just strolling. Lol. We heard the soundcheck from outside and I literally thought it was a recording. Lol. BUT IT'S LIVE. Oh heck.

Anyway, arrived there, met Ally! She's such a sweetie! Bought TOSOD: ATE, bought the DAVIDDAVIDDAVID shirt. Lol. Hanna, Weiyan, Sal and June went in to have soundcheck session and Mai, Jeff, Zaren and I just waited outside. We could hear the soundcheck from outside!! It was so amazing. I took a video of LDH and TMH soundcheck from outside. Lol. While we were waiting, I got a text from Hanna saying that I will be going to Meet and Greet. I was like, "W. H. A. T." It's so last minute. I didn't expect I could meet him. I was so excited. Hahah. Thanks to Larissa and Steven from DASG, we got to have meet and greet!! :'D

The meet and greet was in a rush. Lol. We went in the room and Sal was explaining about the DSA and then suddenly this lady cuts and said "okay! picture first!" So we quickly posed for 2 pictures and then we all kinda surround him and gave him gifts. I didn't, though. Hanna was exactly RIGHT IN FRONT OF DAVID and I was beside Hanna. She just held out the songkok she wanted to give D. Guess what I did? I kinda said to David very loud. Lol. I said "HEY DAVID!! Do you see this? YOU MUST WEAR IT!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?! YOU MUST WEAR THIS DURING THE CONCERT!!!"

I didn't look at him. I just looked and pointed at the songkok. Lol. Hanna said David heard me and he made this "huh? why is this girl asking me to wear that thing? what?" look. Lol. It was too funny. I couldn't remember anything else but the security guards were asking us to go out. :( Buuuttt! I turned and went to Papa Jeff with Mai, Jeff and Zaren. Jeff said hey to Jeff. HAHA. So they took their pictures and went. It was my turn to talk to Papa Jeff..

Me : Hi Jeff! :D
Jeff : Oh, hi!
Me : Did you give the gifts to the band?
Jeff : (I think he thought I said David. It was noisy anyway) Oh, no. As soon as he got to the room, he crashed to bed.
Me : Ohh mann.. (no, the band. I'm not talking about D. BUT POOR D!!!)
Me : Hey, can I have a picture with you?
Jeff : Oh, sure! :)
*pretty lady took a picture of us* No, it wasn't a picture. It was a video. She was recording! Hahah! I was recording soundcheck earlier and forgot to changed it back!
Jeff : That is why, we don't take pictures (or something along those lines)
Me : Oh, hahah!
*snaps pic*
Me : Okay thanks!! :D Nice to meet you!
Jeff : Nice to meet you too! :)

So I went out and sat with the DASG by the drain. Lol. Waited, and waited till it was around 7.30pm. Went to our own seats and then the opening act came out and performed! He was so cool. His name is Hao Ren and he can dance!! :) Soon, the Archuband came out and screaaaaamss everywhereeee!!! We were chanting 'David! David! David!' and sang a bit of SBL. Still waiting....... and then, BAM! STOMPING THE ROSES!! It was so awesome. HE CAN SING. I mean seriously. It's like, whoaa. I almost cried during MKOP and Falling Stars lol. Ooh, cried during Heaven. It was heavenly. :'D David was so energetic I couldn't keep up. Lol. He sang Crush and it ended. Just like that. THE BAND DID AN AWESOME JOB TOO!! Love the Archuband!!

Everyone went out but I was still in the VIP area. Steven started throwing drumsticks and Idk who gave out bottles and the setlist. Lol. So I rushed into the VVIP area and asked for the band to sign something! The only thing I had for them to sign is Chords of Strength. Lol. So they did sign! I got Mark, Steven and Ben's autograph!! :D We were like, "WHERE'S DAVIDDD!!" Steven replied, "I don't know! He's backstage!" Lol.

Then the security guards asked us to go out. =_= Met Hanna, Sal, Weiyan, June, Mai, Jeff and Zaren outside and I cried. Lol. Said goodbye to Hanna and Sal. I miss them :( The others and I walked to the exit and waited for David there. I met the band again! Got a picture with Ben! :D And then David came out, waved, went into the car and they drove off. Went to my sister's place and crashed. Lol.

SO THAT'S IT. I'm so happy I got to meet Hanna, Sal, Weiyan, June, Mai, Jeff, Zaren, Hazmi, Mira, Wilson, Ally, Sanjana (bday girl. lol), Schaz, Yvette, Anne, Shu Yee, Sylvia and some other Archies too! It was definitely a day to remember. The bond between us. Although I never met them before, I felt like I've known them for a long time. Really. They're like my family. No, they ARE my family. and I love them. Thank you David for everything.

Okay, yeah. This is the end of my recap. So sorry it's super long! Thanks for reading!! :)

my favourite pic that I took.
is it me or he was looking at the camera? heeee:)

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