Thursday, July 28, 2011

Autograph Session with DAVID!!!

25 July 2011.

I rushed out as the bells rang and the school ended. My mom picked me up and sent me home. Showered and did some final packing. My flight was in few hours. Felt so excited yet so nervous. I will see David Archuleta. LIVE. In front of my eyes. For the first time.

I did felt kinda scared because I'm barely sixteen and I have to fly solo for the first time. Wanna know what's cool about it? The distance is 1009 miles. So I guess I flew a thousand miles for David! :)

Anyway, arrived at KLIA at 6.30pm and went to KL Sentral. I was so bummed I didn't get to welcome David to Malaysia! But it's cool. Waited for Hazmi and Mira at KL Sentral and then went to Fahrenheit 88 together. We left KL Sentral at 8pm and David was scheduled to arrive then but he didn't. So glad we didn't miss him!


Arrived at Fahrenheit 88 and rushed in. Many people were there but I was only searching for Hanna, Sal and Weiyan. Hahah. I hugged them when I saw them! My second time meeting Hanna and my first meeting Sal and Weiyan. It was so cool. So we had to line up if we want his autograph but we can only get it if we have the ticket and TOSOD ATE. I didn't have TOSOD ATE yet so I borrowed Sal's and I got in line!

David came and the crowd went wild. He sang a snippet of Something 'Bout Love and it was amazing! I almost cried. Haha. So, the VVIPs went first and then the VIP. It went so fast I couldn't believe it was already my turn! The Sony people helped to open my CD cuz I decided to have that signed. I was the next person to go on stage but I paused to talk to Papa Jeff. He was so friendly! Here's how it went..

Me : Hey, Jeff! :D
Jeff : Oh hi!
Me : Here's some gifts for you and the band. Please make sure you give it to them!
Jeff : Aww, thanks! That's so thoughtful of you! What's your name?
Me : Zulaikha.
Jeff : Sorry?
Sony lady/Me : Zulaikha.
Jeff : Zulaikha?
Me : Yea!
Jeff : Well, that's so thoughtful of you! Thank you!
Me : You're welcome! Thank YOU! :D
*shakes hand*

And then I had to go on stage. This is a scary moment. I went up and I saw him there. Sitting down and signing stuff for the person in front of me. I had to brave myself and......

Me : Hey David!
David : Hey!
Me : Oh my gosh.
David : cha-hah.
Me : I can't believe it. Oh my gosh.
David : *signs TOSOD ATE*
Me : Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH. Oh! I have some gifts for you! *took out gifts from bag*
David : *looks at the stuff I took out like it came out from a magic hat or something*
Me : This is for you!
David : Awwh, thanks! [that typical aww thanks face]
Me : Oh my gosh. This is for you too! *gave him a paper*
David : Oh! Cha-hah. Thanks!
Me : No, thank you! *shakes hand*

HIS HAND WAS SO FIRM AND HUGE AND JUST... IDK. It was warm. Idk why I felt safe. Hahah! Oookay. Went down and spazzed with Hanna, Weiyan and Sal. There were still many people in line so we just stood there and sang along with the background music. He looked at us a few times and laughed! I seriously never thought I would do it and just have him to notice us but he certainly did. The other fans were so quiet. We were the only ones singing along. During Look Around, we were like "OH OH OH! OH OH OH! OH OH OH! LOOK AROUND! LOOK AROUND!" And he looked at US and laughed! It was so amazing.

Soon, he had to go and we all said goodbye. Before he went down the stage, he took a couple of pictures with some girls and we sang Wait. "ONE MORE MINUTE, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, DON'T GO!!" He looked at us and laughed! Awwh! Few seconds later, he was off the stage. Gone. Just like that. Of course we were sad but we had a concert to look forward to! :D

Weiyan went back to the hotel with her friends (who became my friends the next day. lol). Hanna's parents with her family and Sal sent me to my sister's place..... and I died. HAHA. Couldn't believe I shook David's hand and actually met him! His face was so white and glowy. I could see his moles and stubble. His eyes!!! The 'aww thanks!' face! Ugh. I. Love. David.

That's a wrap for the autograph session. Long, I know. Haha :P Thanks for reading anyway! :D

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