Thursday, May 9, 2013


HAYLOW. *Marcus Butler's voice*

This is weird. I have no idea what to write mwaaaaahahahaaaaaa. =_=

Here's a picture of my orange family during PLKN.
the middle one's called Limau Special BL7.

David's been away. 1 year, 1 month and 11 days passed. He's coming back soon, in 11 months time. I'm so excited. Can I be honest? Since he went away, I sort of have nothing to look forward too. It's like, the sun's not shining, the vibe around me just feels weird. I don't get that constant update about him like I used to. Random tweets, vlogs... they're not there.

"this is the first time, can I make it through, without you now, do the things I used to do."

But yeah, I guess I've been doing pretty alright. GAH I MISS HIM. He'll be back soon anyway hahah who knew a year have passed. By the way, I'm also setting a goal. I shall lose fats/weight by the time he gets back. :D I don't know how I'll do it, or if I'd struggle, but I will. Watch out, people. ngehehehe :p

What else... oh, I've been watching Youtube a lot and some pretty awesome British Youtubers. My favourite is definitely the Harries twins and Dan. Others are AmazingPhil, PointlessBlog, Caspar Lee, MarcusButlerTV, Sam Pepper, Zoella, etc... I know I'm late on this, don't judge. I had David back then. :3

Anyway, between the Harries twins, I prefer Jack. I know Finn's like this charming, high class, good looking, seductive one BUT Jack is this fun, dorky, crazy, couldn'tcareless type of person. From what I see in their videos anyway. Plus everyone else loves Finn, I'mma take Jack :p

The Harries Twins

There. Can you tell them apart?? I hope you can. :) Heeeheee. I shall meet them one day :D

Mmkay, I guess that's all for... today. It's almost 2am. Ha. My brother and sister are coming back! Yay!! The more the merrier. :) x

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