Tuesday, February 27, 2018

of the future


How is everyone doing? I have left this blog for almost a year now and I decided to write again. I did have some moments where I felt like writing but I just didn't bring myself to it.

Anyway, I'm now in my final semester of my degree! I have several weeks to finish up my thesis and fulfill the required courses and then I'm basically done! Just have to wait for my results and hopefully the Senate approves of my graduation!

I honestly have no idea what is about to come after I graduate. Many of my friends thought about pursuing their Master's Degree. My parents did told me to pursue mine and to be frank, I don't want to. But the thing is, I have been following everything they say. Continuing my studies through foundation and degree was all their plan. I mean, I just don't have any goals for my future back then, so I just did what they told me to do. So, I might continue doing so again now. Haha. I'll just get my Master's Degree then. I'm not sure in what field just yet. I don't think what I'm taking now is something that I like. But recently, I noticed that I kept researching about early childhood education.

Over the years, I have seen how my nieces grow. The things they learn, how they respond to things, how they simply developed as a child. I find it fascinating to subconsciously learn all these just by observing them. So, yeah. If I were to pursue my Master's Degree, I might consider doing something related to early childhood education.

Other than studies, I am also thinking about..... marriage! HAHA. It's something I didn't think I would think about at this age and at this stage of my life. But over the couple of years, I found myself dreaming to get married to my current boyfriend. He has met my family and such and my late father knew about his existence although they didn't get to meet each other. But I hope my dad knew I was and will be in good hands. Umm, so I guess we might get married some time in the next year or so? We are taking little steps like... doing this and that. Discussing how we would like things to be, collecting money, attending compulsory courses and such. So I hope everything will work out. I know God has His plans and if He's Willing for them to happen, they will.

Well, that's basically it! Those are they two main things I see myself getting into in the future. Sadly I don't see myself working. Not just yet. I know people my age have worked a lot but I just... I'm so used to being spoonfed that I don't.... work hard? I guess? I do hope to change this attitude though. I did think of working during this last semester but I didn't force myself enough to do so. Hopefully I will work, sooner or later. Another thing is about getting my driver's license. I just. Let's just not talk about it. Haha.

Okay, till next time!
xoxo, Zue.

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