Monday, April 14, 2014

just a little something

Countless times I've chatted with you, talked to you.
Each time I do so, I fall in love more and more.
With your voice. With your laughter.
All the things you said.
Maybe just the person you are.

I don't know if God sent you here.
Maybe to guide me.
Maybe to make me realise.
Maybe to make my days better and then,
I'd actually try to get closer to Allah.


See? I'd never use this, ever.
But then you came and made everything better.
You were there.
You are still there.
You saw my flaw and you accepted it.
What I'm scared of, though.
Is that.... when you see my real flaw.
It scares me.
A lot.

Sometimes I wish we've never known each other.
Sometimes I wish it was someone else, not you.
Because I'm scared that if you knew me,
You'd be scarred.

I'm just grateful, truly grateful.
That you have been here all these while.
I know it's not much, I know it's not long.
But it's something.

I just hope that.
You'll stay.
Get to know me.
And stay.

"Let's hold on to where we are,
If it's real, we'll make it through."
I've always been holding on to this song.
You told me to 'listen to it for fun.'
But no.
I felt like it was a message you're sending me.

We don't know the future.
We don't know what will happen.
But I will always pray that,
It will be the best.
For you and for me.
In sha Allah.

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