Saturday, August 16, 2008



I know it's weird for me to start blogging again. lol. Well, I'm kinda bored right now and the 1st thing pops out of my head is.... BLOGGING.. haih.. I felt regret deleting my previous blog.. huwaa~ Can't return it anymore right?? haih..

Anyway, I think I'll start posting a post everyday since it's holidayy.. xP bhu~ So today I wanna share you guys about my day~

So here the story goes......

I woke up feeling excited to go to my ex-school - SK Convent St. Francis.. They're having a bazaar there.. Kinda fun when I meet my old friends but the bad part was didn't see my ex-best friends.. How sad is thatt!! But, nevermind.. I don't care.. huhu..

Then, I went to SRJK (C) Chung Hwa Likas to send my bro.. He's attending the AstroLife DiscoveryLearning Labs.. wakaka.. It's kinda fun because they learned about SLIMES.. xP I also wanted to join but it's only limited until 12 yrs old.. Sometimes I wonder why am I 13?!?! hahaha..

Ok, nevermind about that.. Next, I went to the.... Tanjung Aru Mall thingyy - dunnowhat'sthename.. My sis took me there.. She wanted to find a job.. huhu.. It was quite fun looking at my sis filling in the forms but the bad part was when the promoter people keep on asking "adik tak nak apply kerja sini??" then I was like "SAYA MASIH SEKOLAH LAGI".. erkk!! SO MANY OFF THEM GIVING ME THE FORMS TO FILL IN.. haih.. DO I LOOK OLD?!?! T_T

WTF.. nevermind, nevermind.. I'll just live life to the max~ xP ok, next I went to Chung Hwa again to pick up my bro.. took some pictures of him sitting around, eating & having fun~ xD Then we went home~~~ I was soooooooo tired until I slept from 5-7.. lol.. it's bad right?? shouldn't sleep at the evening but I was damn tired..

bhu~ I should get some food right now.. I'm feeling very, very hungry.. wuu~ nites all!! xD muah muahhh.. *mcm la ada pembaca..*

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